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The Banned List - historical censorship of books, music and countries at the Olympics

A small selection of the books historically banned by some countries. We're working on this page and 'banned songs' will be eventually available.

Banned Books

  • Ulysses (1922) James Joyce 1922 Novel Banned in UK until the 1930s.[145] Challenged and temporarily banned in the U.S.A. for its sexual content.

  • Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928) by D.H. Lawrence. Temporarily banned in the United States and the United Kingdom for violation of obscenity laws; both bans were lifted in 1959 and 1960, respectively.
  • Lolita (1955) Vladimir Nabokov 1955 Novel French officials banned it for being "obscene," as did the United Kingdom, Argentina, New Zealand (uncensored 1964), and South Africa.
  • Spycatcher (1985) Peter Wright 1985 AutobiographyBanned in the UK 1985–1988 for revealing secrets. Wright was a former MI5 intelligence officer and his book was banned before it was even published in 1987>
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) Harriet Beecher Stowe 1852 Novel Banned in the Confederate States during the Civil War because of its anti-slavery content. In 1852,
  • Fifty Shades Trilogy E L James 2011-12 Novel The entire trilogy was banned in Malaysia from 2015 for containing "sadistic" material and "threat to morality"

  • Countries Banned from the Olympic Games

  • 1920 Antwerp: Five countries were banned due to their involvement in the First World War: Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary and Germany.
  • 1948 London: Germany and Japan were barred for their participation in the Second World War.
  • 1964 Tokyo: South Africa was banned by the IOC from taking part due to its oppressive apartheid regime. This ban lasted until 1992.
  • 2000 Sydney: Afghanistan was banned from the Olympics due to its discrimination against women under Taliban rule as well as its prohibition of sports of any kind.
  • 2016 Rio: Many Russian competitors were banned following revelations of state-sponsored doping - all athletes from athletics, rowing, weightlifting and canoeing were banned. The Kuwaiti Olympic Committee had been suspended since October 2015 due to interference from the government (they were also suspended in 2010, but the suspension was lifted before the start of the 2012 Olympic Games). Subsequently a total of nine Kuwaiti athletes competed under the Olympic flag.

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