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Many of our customers are not running their pub quizzes at the moment hence we took the regrettable decision to suspend our normal service on this page in 2021. Let's hope 2022 will bring us some better news.

There are many free questions and quizzes on this site to make your own pub quizzes. Please enjoy and we hope they may help in making your quiz events a success.

Christmas 2021

We have many festive questions on this site. We’ve also got a great 100 question quiz to purchase on Etsy. A handout with spaces for answers if you enjoy that format. A few of the questions....

- The only year not to have The Queen's Christmas Broadcast was also the last time The Beatles' recorded together – which year?

- Shopping for your Christmas night buffet, would you get more pizza in one 18-inch pizza or two 12-inch pizzas?

- A Christmas cracker joke: which type of athlete keeps you the warmest?

- In which decade of the 1800s did Charles Dickens publish A Christmas Carol?

- In the popular Christmas movie Home Alone, how old is Kevin?

- Who in a 1970s Christmas special claimed he was playing "all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order"?

- In 2008 the Royal Society of Chemistry decreed that a Yorkshire pudding isn’t a Yorkshire pudding unless it is at least how many inches tall?

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022,

The Free Pub Quiz Team