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Merry Christmas - all the below quizzes are free - download in under a minute.

Just give your email address to receive the quiz download link - no payment asked for! You just need an email address, a printer and Adobe Acrobat Reader - all our quizzes are in PDF format (not got a PDF reader: download it here for free). Our paid for quizzes will return in 2020.

The Below Quizzes are Free!

FREE A4 Christmas Quiz Sheet with Answers - This A4 free handout sheet is the perfect Christmas Quiz for some family fun on Christmas Day.

FREE A4 Fun Christmas Quiz Sheet - This quiz sheet is again printed onto an A4 page with spaces to write your answers. It features 26 questions with many 'brain teaser' type puzzles with a few trivia questons thrown in. Again, this is just good 'non serious' quizzing fun!

FREE Picture Quiz - Sitcoms - Print out onto an A4 sheet, 20 of your favourite sitcom characters. Can you name them in the space provided?