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Events of 1945


  1. Churchill's Conservative Party was defeated in the 1945 general election. Who became the new British Prime Minister?
  2. On June 26, the United Nations Charter was signed in which American city?
  3. Which trials began on November 20?
  4. Which American president ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs?

  5. There were just four 'independent' African countries in 1945. Can you name three of them?
  6. On 17 August 1945 people were first finding out that Napoleon was the leader of where?
  7. Which former British prime minister died in 1945 aged 82?
  8. Marshal Tito won a decisive majority in the Assembly of which country?
  9. On October 8, which modern household item was patented by American inventor Percy Spencer?
  10. America controversially imported nearly a hundred German scientists to help in the production of which technology?
  11. Which well known writer put forward the idea of a geosynchronous communications satellites?
  12. On September 10, 1945, which Norwegian politician was sentenced to death as a Nazi collaborator?
  13. Who was tasked with the occupation of Japan and given the title of Supreme Commander Allied Powers?
  14. Which German city was bombed in the final months of World War II, from February 13 to 15?
  15. Sadly, the dog Terry died in 1945. Why was Terry famous?
  16. "The Lost Weekend" was one of the most succesful films of the year and starred which Welsh actor?
  17. The Potsdam Conference took place in which country?
  18. An iconic photograph was taken of marines raising the U.S. flag on which island?
  19. Which Swedish children's novel by author Astrid Lindgren was published in 1945?
  20. The production of which film was originally intended to be in London but was moved to Carnforth in Lancashire which was considered far away enough to be safe from enemy attack?


  1. Clement Attlee
  2. San Francisco
  3. The Nuremberg Trials
  4. Harry Truman
  5. Any three from: Liberia, Ethiopia, Egypt and South Africa
  6. Animal Farm (the George Orwell book was first published on the 17 August 1945)
  7. David Lloyd George
  8. Yugoslavia
  9. Microwave oven
  10. Rocket technology
  11. Arthur C. Clarke
  12. Quisling (Vidkun Quisling)
  13. General Douglas MacArthur
  14. Dresden
  15. Played Toto in the film The Wizard of Oz
  16. Ray Millland
  17. Germany
  18. Iwo Jima
  19. Pippi Longstocking
  20. Brief Encounter