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Printable Quizzes

Free A4 PDF quizzes - Download and Print!

This is a new page - published June 27th, 2020. Call back, we'll have more quizzes on this page very soon.

Cryptic Towns - download and print out this A4 page. Can you workout the UK town from the cryptic clue? For example, "blushing wheeled motor vehicle" would be "Redcar". We've a mixture of both hard and easy, in this 22 question handout. Just click and download, it's in PDF format.

Quiz Fun - a fun quiz on a printable A4 sheet. Write out the answers on the same sheet. The questions are for family fun rather than the serious quizzer. Download and print the questions sheet. And the answers come separately to download on this sheet.

A typical ready to print A4 sheet...