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If you are looking for free quiz questions you have come to the right website! There are thousands of quizzes taking place every week throughout the United Kingdom, and indeed throughout the world. At Free Pub Quiz we love quizzing and love writing quality quiz questions that challenge, entertain and inspire our visitors. And if you're that brave person we call the pub quizmaster, we're always happy for our questions to be used in your quiz.

We've just added some free quizzes in PDF form for you to download. And also a comedy quiz to our Quizzes Page - it was a very enjoyable quiz to write and includes questions ranging from 'Garlic bread!' to the Marx Brothers. I'm a big fan of Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish and the American sitcom The Middle, so could not resist including questions on them - two very clever comedy shows and I'd recommend both if you've not seen them before!

Another new page features a quiz about China. A fascinating country with a great history. The last dynasty before the country became a republic was the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), which for some reason I can never remember. The two previous dynasties were the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). They're quite handy to remember if you wish to impress your fellow quizzers, as most don't know them.

Two new free quiz sections were added to the website in late 2017. Our 'Trivia Extra' page features many new categories including the Wild West, World War II, Board Games, and Japan. And our 'Facts' pages include Fun Facts for Kids, EU Facts, and Word Facts. Please take a look!

We try to add quizzes regularly, and unlike other quiz websites we believe an easy question is a wasted one (unless you're on our 'easy quiz page' that is!) We put a lot of effort into each category to try to make every quiz interesting. Our quizzes are free but if you want to do us a big favour we would appreciate any mention on social media. And our quizzes are for fun or YOUR use in local pub quizzes and not for commercial enterprises.

Our next big project is bringing the 'Local Pub Quizzes' section to life! We're aiming to feature local pub listings and will be the most visited website to do this. Although, I see one website with much less traffic than this site claims to be the most visited quiz website in the world.

We've also published the Pub Quiz book A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions a few years back - it's available on Amazon Kindle priced at the lowest level that is allowed (about 77 pence). The odd question may be dated but we think it's still good value.

Although we are UK quiz website we probably received visits from every country in the world in 2017. I'm not sure if our visitors from North Korea, Turkmenistan or Benin will be interested in our Eastenders Quiz but obviously some quiz topics transcend International boundaries. We will be adding a lot more questions in 2018 so we hope you will continue to visit the website.

Happy Quizzing!

Leigh & the Free Pub Quiz Team

P.S. Stuck for a pub quiz team name? It's not our forte, but on our footer there's a link to some pub quiz team name ideas. Agatha Quiztee, Don Quizotee, Thin Quizzy, Amnesia, etc., and I promise the list does not get any better!

P.P.S. We've just added a measurements quiz, a Formula One quiz, and a Philippines quiz to the website. And along the way we've discovered new terms such as the New York second and donkey power, plus that it's against the law for ice cream vans in the UK to sound their chimes after 7pm. You learn a lot of odds things compiling this site!