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We've produced a free A4 PDF quiz sheet with 25 questions (and spaces to write the answers) to quickly download and print out! Just a fun quiz for non-regular quizzers (how many spots are there on a twister mat?) with a couple of more testing questions thrown in. It's free but we're always grateful for a mention on social media if you like our quizzes! Thanks - Leigh.

Free Pub Quiz has thousands of quiz questions to challenge, entertain and inspire on Britian's best quiz website. If you compile pub quizzes we're happy for our questions and answers to be used for non-commercial purposes - many more are being added daily. Our website aims for quality over quantity, and unlike other quiz websites we believe an easy question is a wasted one!

We've recently added a 'facts' section' (found on our 'Quizzes Galore' page). To start things off we've sourced some interesting facts about China, Time, the EU and are always looking for some more fun facts - so please feel free to drop us a line, if you have any!

We are continuously adding new diverse quiz topics to our Quizzes Galore page and recent additions are our bible quiz, dingbats, pop quiz and picture quiz.

If you prefer a ready made quiz we have sets of pub quiz questions to 'instantly' download for just £3-00. We've also published the Amazon Kindle Book A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions - priced at the lowest level that Amazon will allow, which is 77 pence.

At the foot of the page we've added links to some good tie breaker questions and some, not so good, team name ideas - our favourites include, Thin Quizzy and Amnesia.

Happy Quizzing!

The Free Pub Quiz team

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