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Free Pub Quiz has recently changed. We've put most of our free quiz questions into an Amazon Kindle Book named A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions. We've priced it at the lowest level that Amazon will allow which is 77 pence. If you run a pub quiz we also have brilliant sets of quiz questions to download for just £3-00.

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In our newest pack Pub Quiz #29 questions include: 'Who introduced many to twerking and was the most searched person on Google in the U.S. in 2013' and 'Which English city would have been the new capital if Adolf Hitler's invasion plans had been successful?' Answers at the foot of this page.

We set our 'paid for' quizzes at an intermediate level (not too easy!) with enough questions to test the seasoned quizzer whilst giving the novice several chances not to get too embarrassed. Most online quiz websites make their questions far too easy, we try to strike a balance!

Two new topics has been added to our Free Quiz Questions section... a tie breaker questions page. What was the length of the Titanic (in metres)? To the nearest year what is the age difference between Joan Collins and her husband Percy Gibson? We've also added another round to our football quiz page.

And finally if you do enjoy our free quizzes hopefully you will click the like button on our facebook link below just to give us an indication of how we are doing? Happy quizzing!

(And yes, did you get Miley Cyrus and Oxford.)

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