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1966 FIFA World Cup Final

Football Quiz Questions

  1. What was the final score?
  2. On what exact date was the final of the 1966 World Cup played?
  3. What colour shirts did England wear?
  4. Tofiq Bahramov came to be wrongly referred to as "the Russian linesman" after allowing a controversial goal. What country was he really from?
  5. Which commentator is famous for saying: "Some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over. It is now!"?
  6. Which country did England beat in the semi-final?

  7. The final's referee Gottfried Dienst was from which country?
  8. Four months before the tournament, the Jules Rimet trophy was stolen, but discovered by a dog named what?
  9. Which England player had a German wife named Ursula?
  10. Who gave England a 78th minute lead and was also the only player to be booked during the match?
  11. Which team did Ramsey refer to as "animals" for their fouling and gamesmanship during Engalnd's quarter-final?
  12. A ticket for the final could be bought for as little as how much in today's money: (a) £8.73, (b) £18.73 , or (c) £28.73
  13. What colour was the Slazenger ball used in the final?
  14. What sort of "wonders" did the England team become known as for their then-unconventional and narrow 4–4–2 formation?
  15. Nominated as the final's man of the match by several of his teammates, can you name the youngest member of England's squad?
  16. Which club did Alf Ramsey manage and take from the Third Division to Division One champions before becoming England manager?
  17. Which England player is remembered for his Wembley pitch dance whilst holding the World Cup in one hand and his false teeth in the other?
  18. Who scored a hat-trick in the final?
  19. With nine goals, which striker was the tournament's top scorer?
  20. Which striker partnered Geoff Hurst up front for the final?
  21. Can you name the oldest member of the England team whose headed clearance led to Germany's first goal?
  22. What name was given to the competition's lion mascot?


  1. England 4 West Germany 2
  2. 30 July 1966
  3. Red shirts
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Kenneth Wolstenholme
  6. Portugal
  7. Switzerland
  8. Pickles
  9. Gordon Banks
  10. Martin Peters
  11. Argentina
  12. (a) £8.73
  13. Orange
  14. Wingless wonders
  15. Alan Ball
  16. Ipswich Town
  17. Nobby Stiles
  18. Geoff Hurst
  19. Eusebio
  20. Roger Hunt
  21. Ray Wilson
  22. World Cup Willie