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1970s Christmas Quiz

50 Christmas Nostalgia Questions

  1. What song did Bing Crosby sing with David Bowie in Crosby's Christmas television special in 1977?
  2. In an episode of Coronation Street aired on December 24, 1979, Rita is furious when who only buys her a box of chocolates? We simply need a first name.
  3. Which film first came to UK cinema screens on Boxing Day, 1975?
  4. "Lonely This Christmas" is a festive song by which band?

  5. What was advertised with the slogan 'all the fun of the share'?
  6. Popular on Christmas week mornings which stallion was introduced by a Frankie Lane theme song which included the lyrics: "Like a streak of lightning flashing cross the sky. Like the swiftest arrow whizzin from a bow"?
  7. The popularity of which bike led to a range of smaller bikes such as the Tomahawk and Budgie?
  8. Which British all-female dance troupe were associated with Top of the Pops in the early to mid 1970s?
  9. Complete the name of the manufacturing company that primarily produced bicycle hub gears: Sturmey...?
  10. Two chocolate bars were introduced in 1976 by British company Rowntrees. Can you name both?
  11. Which plastic piece moving game used a device called a "Pop-O-Matic"?
  12. Which company's 'Party Seven' was popular at 1970's adult gatherings across the UK?
  13. Broadcast on BBC1 on Boxing Day, which trio presented the Christmas 1976 edition of 'Disney Time' from the toy department of Selfridges?
  14. What loyalty scheme introduced into the UK by Richard Tompkins started to be rebranded as Argos?
  15. What product was advertised by Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan? And what was the famous four word slogan?
  16. Pong, the groundbreaking electronic game released in 1972, was manufactured by which company?
  17. What was the price of a first class stamp in December 1979?
  18. What was the name of the fastest milkman in the West?
  19. Who played Britt, the knife expert in the The Magnificent Seven?
  20. What 'wobbled but didn’t fall down'?
  21. A memorable Radio Times front cover for the Christmas issue in 1973 had which double act appearing besides Morecambe and Wise?
  22. Who first appeared behind a newsdesk before performing a high-kicking dance routine on the 1976 Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show?
  23. Which programme featuring Telly Savalas aired before the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day 1975?
  24. Which 1975 box featured a photograph of a man in a white suit jacket seated in the foreground, with a young Asian woman standing behind him?
  25. Which boffin advertised the texet calculator in the 1978 Christmas ad campaign for Woolworths?
  26. What shape was the bone in the middle of the stomach in the battery-operated game Operation?
  27. Whose 'Christmas Circus' featured as one the main TV programme's on Christmas Day, 1971?
  28. Mr Derek until 1976, and then Mr Roy, were associated with which show?
  29. Launched in 1970, what chocolate bar was usually the longest item found in a Cadbury's selection box?
  30. On Christmas Day 1979, where were hostages allowed by their captors to have Christmas services?
  31. A miniature car engine was packaged with which 1970s action figure?
  32. On 28 December, 1978, ITV aired the final episode of which television series?
  33. Which famous crisp brand was named after a Scottish potato?
  34. Which 1974 annual featured George Best, Bobby Moore and Alan Ball on its front cover?
  35. Who played Ebenezer Scrooge in the 1970 musical film Scrooge?
  36. Warninks was a notable maker of which festive beverage?
  37. What 1970's toy had written on its box: "All the thrills and excitement of landing a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier"?
  38. The song Y.M.C.A. became the UK Christmas number two in 1978, but what does Y.M.C.A. stand for?
  39. Which disk, strategy board game for two players was named after a Shakespeare character?
  40. BBC 1 showed which film for the first time on UK TV on Christmas Day, 1975? This film will go on to become a Christmas period regular.
  41. In the 1979 Queen's Christmas message what was used for the first time to provide subtitles for the hard of hearing?
  42. In 1978, which Somerset company was sued by French Champagne producers?
  43. The Parker 180 was developed in the 1970s in an attempt to modernize what? A precise answer is needed.
  44. Which large, gel-filled action figure was first introduced in 1976 by American toy company Kenner?
  45. On 31 December 1976, who performed his hit song "Walk Tall" on a TV show celebrating British pop music?
  46. Which film premiered in the UK on 27th December 1977, in London?
  47. Which toy was described as "the unique way to draw amazing patterns and pictures"?
  48. Which famous English actor died on Christmas Day, 1977?
  49. In 1975, what became the product brand name for lego bricks for children under the age of 5?
  50. On Christmas Day 1977, two BBC shows attracted an audience of over 28 million viewers. The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show was one, whose Christmas Show was the other?


  1. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy
  2. Len
  3. Jaws
  4. Mud
  5. Quality Street
  6. Champion the Wonder Horse
  7. Chopper
  8. Pan's People
  9. Sturmey-Archer
  10. Yorkie and Lion
  11. Frustration (known as Trouble in the USA)
  12. Watneys
  13. The Goodies
  14. Green Shield Stamps
  15. Brut aftershave. "Splash it all over."
  16. Atari
  17. 10p
  18. Ernie
  19. James Coburn
  20. Weebles (popular toy)
  21. The Two Ronnies
  22. Angela Rippon
  23. Top of the Pops (Savalas sung the song 'If')
  24. Mastermind game box
  25. Magnus Pyke
  26. Butterfly-shaped (labelled as 'Butterflies in the stomach')
  27. Billy Smart's Christmas Circus
  28. The Basil Brush Show
  29. Curly Wurly
  30. Iran (U.S. Embassy hostages in Iran)
  31. Steve Austin, or the Six Million Dollar Man
  32. The Sweeney
  33. Golden Wonder
  34. Shoot!
  35. Albert Finney
  36. Advocaat
  37. Flight Deck
  38. Young Men's Christian Association
  39. Othello
  40. The Wizard of Oz
  41. Ceefax
  42. Babycham (for abuse of their trade name)
  43. Fountain pens
  44. Stretch Armstrong
  45. Val Doonican
  46. Star Wars
  47. Spirograph
  48. Charlie Chaplin
  49. Duplo
  50. Mike Yarwood's