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2020 Quiz

2020 Quiz - events and news of 2020

  1. Which NBA legend sadly makes the news headlines in a fatal helicopter crash?
  2. Early in 2020, the UK Prime Minister approved involvement in Britain's 5G mobile network for which Chinese company?
  3. Which actor appeared as a panelist on Question Time and clashes with an audience member over the media's treatment of Megan Markle?
  4. A U.S. drone strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani happened at which airport?
  5. A British Airways Boeing 747 aircraft made the fastest ever subsonic New York JFK to London Heathrow crossing in just under how many hours?
  6. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that which controversial high-speed rail link will be built?
  7. Who co-headlined the 2020 Superbowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez?
  8. A new twenty pound polymer banknote entered circulation featuring which famous Briton?
  9. Rumours started to circulate that dictator Kim Jong-un is dead, can you name the North Korean capital?

  10. Who is the Bank of England governor that said: "It's obviously an emergency. I think we're living in completely unparalleled times."?
  11. On the 25 March, who made the headlines by testing positive for COVID-19?
  12. The UK's National Living Wage rises from £8.21 to which amount?
  13. NHS Louisa Jordan opens to receive COVID-19 patients in which British city?
  14. Which captain raised £32m for NHS charities?
  15. Which political advisor travelled to Barnard Castle to 'test his eyesight'?
  16. Anti-racism protests erupted across the world because of the killing of George Floyd in which American city?
  17. In June 2020, who got into hot water with his "Slavery was not genocide" podcast?
  18. During the coronavirus pandemic lockdown who became a household name as The Body Coach?
  19. Co-creator Roger Law announced that which show will return to British TV after twenty four years?
  20. Royal Mail issued a set of stamps to mark the 60th anniversary of what?
  21. Who claimed that Johnny Depp 'threatened to kill me many times'?
  22. In July, a temporary increase of what threshold increased from £125,000 to £500,000?
  23. On 11 July, what happened to the Trafalgar Square fountains?
  24. A statue in black resin by Marc Quinn was removed by which city's council?
  25. ITV announced that which chief football commentator is to be replaced from the start of next season?
  26. Where did Banksy write the graphics, If You Don't Mask, You Don't Get?
  27. Dame Olivia de Havilland, actress and star of the film Gone With the Wind, sadly passes away - how old was she?
  28. Which comic actor and director hosted a live virtual ceremony of the 2020 British Academy Television Awards?
  29. In August, the BBC ended automatic free television licences for pensioners over what age?


  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. Huawei
  3. Laurence Fox
  4. Baghdad International Airport
  5. Just under 5 hours (in 4 hours 56 minutes)
  6. HS2
  7. Shakira
  8. JMW Turner
  9. Pyongyang
  10. Andrew Bailey
  11. Prince Charles
  12. £8.72
  13. Glasgow
  14. Captain Tom Moore
  15. Dominic Cummings
  16. Minneapolis
  17. David Starkey
  18. Joe Wicks
  19. Spitting Image
  20. Coronation Street
  21. Amber Heard
  22. Stamp duty
  23. They turned red (after red dye was released into them by animal rights protestors)
  24. Bristol's
  25. Clive Tyldesley
  26. Inside a London Underground carriage
  27. 104
  28. Richard Ayoade
  29. 75