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Printable 2021 Quiz

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2021 Quiz Handout

What happened in 2021? We've put together some of our best 2021 quiz questions on an A4 sheet. 25 questions to print and enjoy in our end of year quiz handout.

Printable 2021 Quiz

From January 2021, to December 2021, in our review of the year quiz. Two sheets to print. Firstly, 25 questions on an A4 quiz sheet all about 2021. Also, answers for the quizmaster.

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Download and print our 2021 quiz: 2021 QUIZ PDF
And the answers: 2021 QUIZ ANSWERS PDF

IMPORTANT: Print out both questions and answers using the PORTRAIT page settings in your printer controls.

Sheet Examples

2021 quiz sheet

Just a few things that happened this year. Which country did England beat in the semi-finals of UEFA Euro 2020? Ahead of Cop26, who did Glasgow's council leader Susan Aitken blame for the filthy conditions of their streets? And lots more