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Printable 2022 Picture Quiz

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What is our picture quiz?

A ready-made and instantly printable handout which is a very popular pub quiz round. Identify twenty images of famous people - however, your own picture quizzes can include almost anything. Our picture quizzes are printed onto an A4 sheet of paper.

A printable free 2022 picture quiz

Enjoy our quiz below. Twenty images of famous faces that will be on television and in the news in 2022. Famous faces and a space in the right margin to write your answers, all on the same page. All the images used in our quizzes are public domain images. If anyone sees a copyright infringements, please let us know and we'll remove that image.

We wanted to include some sporting stars that are making headlines in 2022 but public domain images of famous rugby and football players are very thin on the ground - it's a little easier to feature politicians and celebrities. We will update this quiz as the year goes on and many of the images will change throughout 2022 as people make the news.

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2022 Picture Quiz: PICTURE QUIZ 2022
And the answers: PICTURE ANSWERS

*Above questions on one A4 page, with answers on a separate sheet. For best results print in colour. See our PRINTABLES quiz page if you do not have a PDF reader - you can get them for free.

Our Pictures Quiz...

It's better to view our quiz in a PDF but if you want a quick preview, here it is...
Famous faces of 2022.

2022 picture quiz
*All images used are public domain images.