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Events in 2023

Quiz Questions

  1. Which European country is expected to adopt the euro in 2023?
  2. The 2023 Rugby World Cup is to be held in which county?
  3. The 17th of April 2023 will be the 10th anniversary of whose funeral?
  4. Which sporting event will be held on Sunday 23 April 2023?
  5. Which city, the most populated in the Basque Country, will host the start of the 110th Tour de France on 1 July 2023?

  6. WorldPride will take place from 17 February to 5 March 2023 in which world city?
  7. Elections for the Cortes Generales will be held in which country in 2023?
  8. On October 16, which company will celebrate its 100th anniversary?
  9. It will be the fifth anniversary of the first statue of a woman in London's Parliament Square, who is she?
  10. Based on the Chinese zodiac, 2023 will be the year of which animal?
  11. Chapter 4 of which blockbuster action franchise starring Keanu Reeves’ is out in 2023 after a two-year delay?
  12. The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup tournament will be jointly hosted by which two countries?
  13. In January 2023, which map will be celebrating 90 years of use?
  14. What day of the week will Christmas Day be on in 2023?
  15. Who is said to be working on a 2023 arena tour - six years after cancelling all his live shows for "unforeseen family circumstances"?
  16. There's a yearly celebration on 1 August to promote which English county?
  17. In 2023, Black History Month in the UK will be celebrated in which month?
  18. 'The 2023 Tour' is an upcoming concert tour by which American singer?


  1. Croatia
  2. France
  3. Margaret Thatcher
  4. London Marathon
  5. Bilbao
  6. Sydney
  7. Spain
  8. The Walt Disney Company
  9. Millicent Fawcett
  10. Rabbit
  11. John Wick (John Wick: Chapter 4)
  12. Australia and New Zealand
  13. The London Underground map (designed by Harry Beck)
  14. Monday
  15. Peter Kay
  16. Yorkshire
  17. October
  18. Bruce Springsteen (and the E Street Band)