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Music in 2023


  1. Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon failed in his bid to represent which country at Eurovision?
  2. Sadly, guitarist Jeff Beck died in January 2023. He first rose to prominence as a member of which rock band?
  3. During its first full seven days in January, which song earned 96 millions hits on Spotify becoming the biggest week for a song in the platform's history?

  4. Who received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2023?
  5. 'Queen of Me' is the sixth studio album by which singer and songwriter?
  6. "Miracle" was a song by Calvin Harris and which singer?
  7. Which song by British rappers Dave and Central Cee was released on 1 June 2023?
  8. "But Here We Are" is the eleventh studio album by which American rock band?
  9. Hannah Spearritt withdrew from which group's tour in May?
  10. Which Kate Bush song featured in the Netflix film The Mother, spiking a resurgence in sales?
  11. What sort of 'skies' was the fourth studio album by Noel Gallagher and his rock band?
  12. Which English band headlined on the Pyramid Stage at the 2023 Glastonbury Festival?
  13. In June, who announced a sabbatical from touring for the "foreseeable future"?
  14. On February 1, 2023, which singer launched his first tour in 6 years, which will conclude on December 12, 2023, in San Francisco?


  1. Ireland
  2. The Yardbirds
  3. Flowers (by Miley Cyrus)
  4. Harry Styles
  5. Shania Twain
  6. Ellie Goulding
  7. Sprinter
  8. Foo Fighters
  9. S Club, or S Club 7
  10. This Woman's Work
  11. Council Skies
  12. Arctic Monkeys
  13. Lewis Capaldi
  14. Bruce Springsteen (and the E Street)