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2023 Politics

Quiz: test your knowledge of the year's politics

  1. 12 January. Which Tory MP clashed with 'Stop Brexit Man' Steve Bray over a hat?
  2. 19 January. Prime Minister Sunak was issued with a fixed-penalty notice for doing what?
  3. 19 January. Mass protests break out in France over the reforming of what?
  4. 25 January. Name the Prime Minister of New Zealand who left office?
  5. 26 January. GB News hired which MP as a presenter?
  6. 8 February. Which guest addressed a joint session of Parliament?
  7. 5 February. Nicola Sturgeon announced her resignation as First Minister of Scotland after how many years in the role?

  8. 26 February. Who died at the age of 93?
  9. 2 March. Who did Sir Keir Starmer unveil as Labour's new Chief of Staff?
  10. 16 March. What was banned on electronic devices used by ministers and other employees because of security concerns?
  11. 27 March. Who succeeded Nicola Sturgeon as Leader of the SNP?
  12. 5 April. What is Bibby Stockholm?
  13. 21 April. Who resigned as Deputy Prime Minister?
  14. 23 April. Who was suspended from the Labour Party after she downplayed racism against Irish people and Jews?
  15. 11 May. Adam Price stepped down as leader of which party following allegations of bullying within the party.
  16. 20 May. Which party became the largest political party in Northern Ireland?
  17. 30 March. Former president Trump is indicted over hush money to which adult actress?
  18. 8 June. Which Brighton Pavilion MP announced she is stepping down from Parliament at the next election?
  19. 16 June. A poetry collection edited by which politician will be published in November?
  20. 24 June. The UK government held an emergency COBRA meeting to discuss which group?
  21. 29 june. The plan to deport asylum seekers to which country is ruled unlawful?
  22. 4 July SNP MP Mhairi Black is standing down at the next election. How old was she when elected to parliament in 2015?
  23. 5 July. King Charles III is presented with the Honours of Scotland in a ceremony in which Edinburgh cathedral?
  24. 15 July. Name the Secretary of State for Defence who announced his intention to stand down from the Cabinet?


  1. Lee Anderson
  2. Taking his seat belt off in a moving car
  3. Pensions
  4. Jacinda Ardern (succeeded by Chris Hipkins)
  5. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  6. President Volodymyr Zelensky
  7. Eight years
  8. Betty Boothroyd (first female Speaker of the House of Commons)
  9. Sue Gray
  10. TikTok
  11. Humza Yousaf
  12. A vessel the UK government plans to use to accommodate immigrants
  13. Dominic Raab
  14. Diane Abbott
  15. Plaid Cymru
  16. Sinn Fein
  17. Stormy Daniels
  18. Caroline Lucas
  19. Jeremy Corbyn
  20. The Wagner Group (after its rebellion in Russia)
  21. Rwanda
  22. 20-years-old
  23. St Giles Cathedral
  24. Ben Wallace