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2024 Quiz

Quiz: What's happening in 2024?

  1. On 1st January 2024, which country will adopt the euro as its official currency?
  2. Nusantara will become the new capital of which country on 17 August?
  3. February 10th will mark a decade since the death of which American actress, singer and diplomat?
  4. 'The One' will become which country's first skyscraper over 300 metres in height?
  5. Turkey will launch it's first domestic satellite into space in cooperation with which American spacecraft manufacturer?
  6. In January it will be a century since the death of which European political figure?

  7. The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be held in which city?
  8. From 2nd to 18th August, Paris will host the olympics. In which year did Paris last host the Summer Olympic Games?
  9. Beetlejuice 2 is set to be released on September 6? Can you name the film's director?
  10. The Thirty Metre Telescope is a huge new observatory built on which island?
  11. Which singer will conclude The Eras Tour on August 17 in London?
  12. In which month will 2024 Black History Month be celebrated in the UK?
  13. Which global hub for commerce and finance will host several EURO 2024 matches? We're looking for a city!
  14. Which American politican will be 100 on October 1, 1924?


  1. Bulgaria
  2. Indonesia
  3. Shirley Temple
  4. Canada's
  5. SpaceX
  6. Vladimir Lenin
  7. Malmo (in Sweden)
  8. 1924
  9. Tim Burton
  10. Hawaii
  11. Taylor Swift's
  12. October
  13. Frankfurt
  14. Jimmy Carter