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Our 1970s Sport Quiz


  1. Virginia Wade won Wimbledon in 1977 but who did she beat in the final?
  2. At the 1976 Olympics, who became the first ever gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10? Also, how old was she and which city hosted these Olympics?
  3. Who did Billie Jean King play in the match dubbed the "Battle of the Sexes"?
  4. Pele played the last game of his professional career in a friendly between which two clubs?
  5. Who won gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics?

  6. Can you name Red Rum's trainer?
  7. Which club won three consecutive European Cups in 1971, 1972 and 1973?
  8. In rugby, who captained the North of England to victory over the All Blacks in 1979?
  9. Which undefeated world heavyweight champion lost in The Rumble in the Jungle?
  10. In his last fight, in May 1971, a 36-year-old Henry Cooper lost to which 21-year-old boxer?
  11. Which club did Nottinghan Forest beat to win their first European Cup Final in 1979? And who scored the only goal, with a back post header?
  12. Which cricketer was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1975? The press had dubbed him "the bank clerk who went to war" because of his silver-haired, bespectacled appearance.
  13. Which British sportsman set a world-record of 2 minutes and 15:1 seconds in 1976? This record was to remain unbroken for six years.
  14. In 1970, which horse won all three English Triple Crown Races plus the Irish Derby?
  15. Who in 1979 set three world records in the space of 41 days?
  16. Which British figure skater was the 1976 Olympic and World Champion?
  17. Which sport did Precious McKenzie excel at?
  18. In american football, Walter Payton was the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 1977, what was his nickname?
  19. In 1972, the fifth-largest city in Austria hosted The Winter Olympics, can you remember its name?
  20. Name the 33-year-old secretary from Belfast who won Britain's only athletics gold at the Munich Olympics?
  21. What did Birmingham's Selly Park British Legion, the Nunawading Basketball Centre in Melbourne, and Belle Vue, Manchester, all have in common in the 1970s?
  22. Name the British professional motorcycle racer who was a two-time world champion, winning consecutive 500cc titles in 1976 and 1977?
  23. Who in 1973 was champion for the third time in his final year of Grand Prix racing?
  24. Who scored his 14th goal in World Cup final tournaments when West Germany won the competition in 1970?
  25. In the 1970s, only two non American golfers won The Open Championship, can you name them?
  26. In tennis, who won the female single's title at the 1976 French Open?
  27. Who won the gold medal for England in the men's 400 metre hurdles at the 1974 Commonwealth Games?


  1. Betty Stove (Wade had also beaten Chris Evert in the semi final)
  2. Nadia Comaneci. She was 14 and the Olympics were in Montreal.
  3. Bobby Riggs (Billie Jean beat Bobby Riggs in straight sets, 6–4, 6–3, 6–3)
  4. New York Cosmos and Santos FC (the only two clubs Pele has ever played for)
  5. Bruce Jenner (now, Caitlyn Jenner)
  6. Ginger McCain
  7. Ajax
  8. Bill Beaumont
  9. George Foreman (lost to Muhammad Ali in 1974)
  10. Joe Bugner
  11. Malmo. Trevor Francis. (Note: In 1979 Trevor Francis became Britain's first £1 million player)
  12. David Steele
  13. David Wilkie (in winning gold in the 200-metre breaststroke at the 1976 Summer Olympics)
  14. Nijinsky
  15. Sebastian Coe
  16. John Curry
  17. Weightlifting
  18. Sweetness
  19. Innsbruck
  20. Mary Peters
  21. They all hosted the World Snooker Chamionships (the world championship moved to the Crucible in 1977)
  22. Barry Sheene
  23. Jackie Stewart (1969, 1971, 1973)
  24. Gerd Muller
  25. Gary Player (1974) and Seve Ballesteros (1979)
  26. Sue Barker
  27. Alan Pascoe