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Robert De Niro Filmography Quiz

The following Robert De Niro characters featured in which films?


  1. Travis Bickle
  2. Jake LaMotta
  3. Jack Walsh
  4. Maximilian 'Max' Cady
  5. Sam 'Ace' Rothstein
  6. Michael 'Mike' Vronsky

  7. Jack Tiberius Byrnes
  8. James 'Jimmy The Gent' Conway
  9. Rupert Pupkin
  10. Frank Sheeran
  11. Neil McCauley
  12. Louis Gara
  13. Monsignor Desmond 'Des' Spellacy
  14. Paul Vitti
  15. David “Noodles” Aaronson
  16. Ben Whittaker
  17. Frank 'The Pope' Silva
  18. Al Capone
  19. Lorenzo Anello
  20. Johnny Boy

Films (and Character)

  1. Taxi Driver (Travis Bickle)
  2. Raging Bull (Jake LaMotta)
  3. Midnight Run (Jack Walsh)
  4. Cape Fear (Maximilian 'Max' Cady)
  5. Casino (Sam 'Ace' Rothstein)
  6. The Deer Hunter (Michael 'Mike' Vronsky)
  7. Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers or Little Fockers (Jack Tiberius Byrnes)
  8. Goodfellas (James 'Jimmy The Gent' Conway)
  9. The King of Comedy (Rupert Pupkin)
  10. The Irishman (Frank Sheeran)
  11. Heat (Neil McCauley)
  12. Jackie Brown (Louis Gara)
  13. True Confessions (Monsignor Desmond 'Des' Spellacy)
  14. Analyze This (Paul Vitti)
  15. Once Upon a Time in America (David “Noodles” Aaronson)
  16. The Intern (Ben Whittaker)
  17. Heist (Frank 'The Pope' Silva)
  18. The Untouchables (Al Capone)
  19. A Bronx Tale (Lorenzo Anello)
  20. Mean streets (Johnny Boy)