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Acronym Quiz Questions and Answers

Acronym Questions I

  1. What does the acronym NASA stand for?

  2. AIDS
  3. CSI
  4. YMCA
  5. NATO
  6. SWAT
  7. OPEC
  8. NASCAR, as in the American motor racing sport
  9. BLT, as in the sandwich
  10. EPCOT, as in the Walt Disney theme park in Florida
  12. LASER
  13. SCUBA
  14. ZIP, as in ZIP code
  15. NIMBY
  16. WD-40 (we need just the 'DW' part)
  17. BMW, as in the car manufacturer
  18. B&Q
  19. SAS
  20. RMS, as in the RMS Titanic


  1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  2. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  3. Crime Scene Investigation
  4. Young Men's Christian Association
  5. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  6. Special Weapons And Tactics
  7. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
  8. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
  9. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
  10. Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow
  11. Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart
  12. Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
  13. Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
  14. Zone improvement plan
  15. Not In My Backyard
  16. Water Displacement
  17. Bavarian Motor Works
  18. Block & Quayle
  19. Special Air Service
  20. Royal Mail Ship

Acronym Questions II

  1. Do you know what the acronym SIM stands for (as in SIM card)?
  2. DERV
  3. IQ
  4. TASER
  5. HIV
  6. SMART, as in SMART car
  7. P.S., as often written at the foot of a letter
  8. ATM
  9. PM, as in the time after midday
  10. QI, as in the British comedy panel game TV quiz
  11. OCD
  12. CIA
  13. RADAR
  14. ESPN, as in the TV satellite channel
  15. ISBN, as seen on book covers
  16. MO
  17. NASDAQ, as in the American stock exchange
  18. QED
  19. HSBC, as in the bank
  20. M&Ms, as in the sweets


  1. Subscriber identification module
  2. Diesel-engined road vehicles
  3. Intelligence Quotient
  4. Thomas A. Swift’s electric rifle
  5. Human immunodeficiency virus

  6. Swatch Mercedes Art
  7. Post Script (Latin: Post Scriptum)
  8. Automated Teller Machine
  9. Post Meridian
  10. Quite Interesting
  11. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  12. Central Intelligence Agency
  13. RAdio Detecting And Ranging
  14. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
  15. International Standard Book Number
  16. Modus Operandi
  17. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
  18. Quod erat demonstrandum (or 'what was to be demonstrated/shown')
  19. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  20. Mars & Murrie

Hope you enjoyed our acronym quiz! By contrast, a 'backronym' is constructed by creating a new phrase to fit an already existing word. The search engine 'yahoo' is a backronym for 'Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle' although it's founders David Filo and Jerry Yang picked the word from Gulliver's Travels (by Jonathan Swift) because they liked the word's general definition.

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