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Add A Letter Quiz

Add a Letter

Each clue is for two words, the second word is the same as the first word plus an added letter. For example, the clue 'speed in walking or running to a particular location' would have the answers, PACE and PLACE.

  1. Spill over the edge of a container gradient?
  2. More than enough specimen?
  3. A foreign chicken and an an Olympian deity?
  4. Mirth killed?
  5. American State relating to the sea?

  6. Domesticates a river?
  7. Serious attention to doing something correctly then frighten?
  8. Small to medium-sized bird becomes surprising?
  9. Curry and ball game?
  10. British city increases in size?
  11. Low quality newspaper gets angry?
  12. Pay attention and listen carefully to dogfish?
  13. Capital city and church district?
  14. Damaging statement to the people of Jersey or Scilly?
  15. Purchase a spade to do some hiding?
  16. The UK's furthest inland port and American technology company?
  17. A herb in the celery family trains soldiers in marching?
  18. A negative unit of speed?
  19. Scaring the cargo?
  20. Thermal insulance in African country?
  21. From nursey to solar system?
  22. A single thing of something larger is dimmed?


  1. Slop/slope
  2. Ample/sample
  3. Pollo (chicken in Italian)/Apollo
  4. Laughter/slaughter
  5. Maine/marine
  6. Tames/Thames
  7. Care/scare
  8. Starling/startling
  9. Ruby/rugby
  10. Wells/swells
  11. Rag/rage
  12. Hark/shark
  13. Paris/parish
  14. Slanders/islanders
  15. Buying/burying
  16. Goole/Google
  17. Dill/drill

  18. Not/knot
  19. Fright/freight
  20. Tog/Togo
  21. Plant/planet
  22. Unit/unlit