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Quiz About Adolf Hitler

Never in history has such ruination—physical and moral—been associated with the name of one man." - Sir Ian Kershaw

Questions: Hitler, his life and WWII

  1. Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in which present-day country?
  2. Nazis was a name developed by the German press as an abbreviation of what?
  3. What name was given to the failed 1923 coup that landed Hitler in jail for a year?
  4. Which British city is it rumoured that Adolf Hitler lived in for a short period before World War I with his half brother and sister-in-law?

  5. Whilst imprisoned, Hitler wrote the political manifesto called Mein Kampf, what does this title mean in English?
  6. Who was the longtime companion of Hitler and, for less than 40 hours, his wife? Can you guess the age difference?
  7. From 1905, Hitler lived a bohemian life on an orphan's pension in which European city?
  8. During World War I, which rank did Hitler reach in the Bavarian Army?
  9. Hitler's father's first name is the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger's middle name, what was it?
  10. In his 1925 autobiography, Hitler described how, in his youth, he wanted to be successful in which profession?
  11. Which treaty led to great resentment in Germany and powered the rise of Adolf Hitler?
  12. What was the name of Adolf Hitler's Eastern Front military headquarters where a famous assassination attempt against him was made on 20 July 1944?
  13. What was the name of the German Shepherd dog, that was a gift as a puppy from Martin Bormann in 1941?
  14. In August 1918, which award did Hitler receive for bravery?
  15. What was the name given to the purge when the Nazi regime carried out a series of political executions between June 30 and July 2, 1934?
  16. Which British city would have been the new capital if Hitler's invasion plans for the UK had been successful?
  17. In which year was Adolf Hitler Time magazine's Person of the Year?
  18. What's the official Nazi name for the regime in Germany from 1933 to May 1945?
  19. The Kehlsteinhaus was visited on 14 documented instances by Adolf Hitler, by what name was this better known by in English-speaking countries?
  20. How old was Hitler when he died?
  21. Which 2004 historical war drama starring Bruno Ganz, is set during the Battle of Berlin and depicts the final days of Adolf Hitler?
  22. Adolf Hitler: My Part on His Downfall is volume One of who's legendary War Memoirs?


  1. Austria
  2. National Socialist
  3. Beer Hall Putsch (also called Munich Putsch)
  4. Liverpool
  5. My Struggle or My Fight
  6. Eva Braun, There was a 23-year age gap.
  7. Vienna
  8. Lance corporal
  9. Alois
  10. Professional artist

  11. paiting by Adolf Hitler
    Vienna State Opera House, Adolf Hitler, 1912

  12. The Treaty of Versailles
  13. Wolfe's Lair
  14. Blondi
  15. Iron Cross (first class)
  16. The Night of the Long Knives (also accept "Operation Hummingbird")
  17. Oxford
  18. 1938
  19. Third Reich
  20. Eagle's Nest
  21. 56-years of age
  22. Downfall
  23. Spike Milligan