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Quiz I

  1. Which African country is the only one in the world to lie entirely one thousand metres above sea level?
  2. Which ethnic group inhabiting northern Tanzania and southern Kenya is the stretching of earlobes a common practice?
  3. Which country is often referred to as the 'Giant of Africa', owing to its large population and economy?
  4. What large land animal kills the most people in Africa?
  5. Timbuktu is in which country?

  6. Which city is located at the confluence of the White Nile, and the Blue Nile?
  7. Name the principal river of western Africa?
  8. Today, the term Greater Maghreb corresponds roughly to which 16th to 19th century region?
  9. The Republic of the Congo became independent from which country in 1960?
  10. Who was Ethiopia's regent from 1916 to 1930, and Emperor from 1930 to 1974?
  11. Kano and Abuja are two large cities in which country?
  12. Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006, is what nationality?


  1. Lesotho (hence, the nickname 'Kingdom in the Sky')
  2. The Maasai
  3. Nigeria
  4. Hippopotamus
  5. Mali
  6. Khartoum
  7. Niger
  8. The Barbary Coast
  9. Belgium
  10. Haile Selassie
  11. Nigeria
  12. Ghanaian

Quiz II

  1. At Ujiji in 1858, Richard Burton and John Speke first reached the shore of which lake?
  2. Which African city includes in its area, the archaeological site of Carthage?
  3. Entebbe is a major town in which country?
  4. Which country accounts for 80% of the world's platinum production?
  5. Over 90% of which African country's wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth?
  6. Name the longest river in South Africa?
  7. Which African received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984?
  8. Which is the largest country in Africa?
  9. In 2016, which African country became China's biggest supplier of oil?
  10. Africa's busiest airport is near which major city?
  11. Which island country is located 350 miles off the coast of West Africa?
  12. The goliath frog, the largest living frog on Earth, is found in which African country?
  13. Which country lies directly north of Namibia?
  14. The Serengeti National Park is in which country?


  1. Lake Tanganyika
  2. Tunis
  3. Uganda
  4. South Africa
  5. Madagascar
  6. The Orange River
  7. Desmond Tutu
  8. Algeria
  9. Angola
  10. Johannesburg
  11. Cape Verde
  12. Cameroon (also accept Equatorial Guinea)
  13. Angola
  14. Tanzania

Africa Trivia III

  1. Named after a Scottish explorer, what is the second fastest land animal on earth?
  2. On which river is the Victoria Falls?

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  4. Iman, the widow of English rock musician David Bowie, was born in which African city?
  5. Evidence of the earliest modern humans were found in which African country?
  6. The Suez Canal was officially opened in which year (we'll give 10 years either side of this date as correct)?
  7. What is the westernmost country in the mainland of Africa?
  8. There are only two African countries 'entirely' south of the Tropic of Capricorn; name both?
  9. Name the channel of water that seperates Madagascar from East Africa?
  10. Which country received independence in 2011?
  11. What was the Republic of Upper Volta, renamed in 1984?
  12. Which African country has more French speakers than France?
  13. Which African desert is considered the oldest with the highest dunes on Earth?
  14. Which country is also known as the Gold Coast?
  15. In 1884, Mahdi leads an uprising against the British in which country?


  1. Thomson's Gazelle
  2. Zambezi
  3. Mogadishu
  4. Eithiopia
  5. 1869 (we'll give 1859 to 1879 as corect)
  6. Senegal
  7. Lesotho and Swaziland
  8. Mozambique Channel
  9. South Sudan
  10. Burkina Faso
  11. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  12. The Namib Desert
  13. Ghana
  14. Sudan