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Alaska Trivia

Quiz Questions

  1. What nickname is given to Alaska due to its unexplored territory?
  2. What is the capital city of Alaska?
  3. Can you name the highest peak in Alaska?
  4. Alaska was admitted to the United States as a U.S. state at the end of which decade?

  5. Who was Governor of Alaska between December, 2006 and July, 2009?
  6. Name the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska?
  7. Which group of islands is inhabited by the indigenous Aleut people?
  8. Alaska was purchased by the United States from which country in 1867?
  9. The Chilkoot Trail through the Coast Mountains leads from Dyea, Alaska, to which Canadian state?
  10. What is the largest city in Alaska by population?
  11. What bear is sometimes known as the Alaskan brown bear?
  12. Which famous sled dog race covering over 1,000 miles takes place in Alaska each year?
  13. Name the tanker that made world headlines with a severe oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound in 1989?
  14. Skagway was an important port during which onrush of miners seeking their fortune?
  15. Which sea strait seperates the Seward Peninsula of Alaska and Russia?
  16. Which comedy-drama television series about the eccentric residents of a fictional Alaskan town ran from 1990 to 1995?


  1. The Last Frontier
  2. Juneau
  3. Mount McKinley (also known as Denali)
  4. 1950s (1959)
  5. Sarah Palin
  6. Fairbanks
  7. Aleutian Islands
  8. Russia
  9. British Columbia
  10. Anchorage
  11. The Kodiak bear
  12. Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
  13. Exxon Valdez
  14. Klondike Gold Rush
  15. The Bering Strait
  16. Northern Exposure