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Album Quiz

30 Questions about Albums

  1. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was written by Freddie Mercury for which 1975 album?
  2. Name the 1987 album which was U2's greatest critical and commercial success?
  3. Name the debut studio album of composer and songwriter Mike Oldfield?
  4. Released in August 1994, name the debut studio album of English rock band Oasis?
  5. Which book of the Bible is also a title of a Bob Marley album?

  6. As of 2021, who is the only musician in history to have released nine albums that achieved diamond status in the United States? (This surpassed the Beatles' former record of six.)
  7. Which album released in October 2012 was the first album in history to spawn nine UK top-10 singles?
  8. What word did some people find offensive in the title of the only studio album by punk rock band the Sex Pistols?
  9. Which album features the hit singles "Bitter Sweet Symphony", "Lucky Man" and UK number one "The Drugs Don't Work"?
  10. The front sleeve of which album depicts a photo of the band feeding pieces of apples to seven goats at the zoo?
  11. Which band's famous album cover shows a naked baby boy swimming underwater with a dollar bill in front of him?
  12. 'Amnesiac' and 'The Bends' are albums of which UK group?
  13. Which 20 year old played 27 musical instruments on his debut album 'For You'?
  14. 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent' is the debut album by which singer-songwriter?
  15. Named after a famous psychiatric institution, what was the 2004 debut studio album by James Blunt?
  16. 'Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy' was released in 1975 to instant commercial success - who was Captain Fantastic? Can you also tell us who was the Brown Dirt Cowboy?
  17. Which greatest hits album by Madonna was released in November, 1990, containing new remixes of fifteen of her hit singles from 1983 to 1990?
  18. 'You're in My Heart' became which musician's 38th top 10 album in the UK?
  19. Released in 1966, 'If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears' was the debut album of which group?
  20. With a title meaning "opposed to", which 2016 release was the eighth studio album of singer Rihanna?
  21. Which album released in 1997 became the best-selling country album and best-selling studio album by a female artist?
  22. What is the name of Amy Winehouse's second and final studio album?
  23. Whose 2014 debut album 'In the Lonely Hour' peaked at number one in the UK?
  24. 'Performance and Cocktails' is the second studio album of which rock band?
  25. A painting of the steam locomotive Mallard features on which 1993 album cover?
  26. What sort of warrior was the best selling album of 1971 in the UK?
  27. A wax model of which boxer appears on the cover of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'?
  28. Name the album which as of 2021, is the best-selling album of the 21st century in the UK?
  29. 'Bookends' was released in 1968 and is the fourth studio album of which American performers? And can you name the most famous song from that album?
  30. "The End" is a song by the Beatles from which album?


  1. A Night at the Opera
  2. The Joshua Tree
  3. Tubular Bells
  4. Definitely Maybe
  5. Exodus
  6. Garth Brooks
  7. 18 Months (by Calvin Harris)
  8. Bollocks (Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols)
  9. Urban Hymns (by The Verve)
  10. Pet Sounds (by the Beach Boys)
  11. Nirvana (Nevermind is the album)
  12. Radiohead
  13. Prince
  14. Lewis Capaldi (in May 2019)
  15. Back to Bedlam
  16. Elton John (Captain Fantastic) and lyricist Bernie Taupin (the Brown Dirt Cowboy)
  17. The Immaculate Collection
  18. Rod Stewart
  19. The Mamas and the Papas
  20. Anti
  21. Come On Over (by Shania Twain)
  22. Back to Black
  23. Sam Smith
  24. Stereophonics

  25. Modern Life Is Rubbish (by Blur)
  26. Electric Warrior (by Marc Bolan's band T. Rex)
  27. Sonny Liston
  28. 21 (by Adele)
  29. Simon & Garfunkel, and Mrs. Robinson
  30. Abbey Road (1969)