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31 Questions and Answers About Alcohol

Questions I

  1. Which dry anise-flavoured aperitif is associated with and widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus?
  2. The name of the world's best-selling single-malt whisky also means "valley of the deer" in Scottish Gaelic - what is it?
  3. Calvados, a brandy from Normandy in France, is mostly made from which fruit?
  4. Which aromatized, fortified wine, historically having the two main types of sweet and dry, is a key ingredient in cocktails such as as the Martini, the Manhattan, and the Negroni?
  5. Which brand of rum is named after a 17th-century Welsh pirate?
  6. Facundo Masso, a Spanish wine merchant born in 1814, produced the first clear, or "white" rum in the world - what was Masso's middle name?
  7. Made with Caribbean rum, what is the flavour of Malibu?
  8. Also called "honey-wine" which alcoholic beverage has been created since ancient times by fermenting honey with water?
  9. Kirsch is a clear, colourless brandy traditionally made from the double distillation of which fruit?
  10. Which country has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world?
  11. Which alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears is sometimes called 'pear cider'?
  12. Which slang term is often used for high-proof distilled spirits that were usually produced illicitly?
  13. Which well known distilled beverage is made from the blue agave plant?
  14. Which word originally refers to a drink made with water and rum, which British Vice admiral Edward Vernon introduced into the navy in 1740?
  15. Which sparkling wine was once referred to as "Spanish champagne" although such naming is no longer permitted under EU law?


  1. Ouzo
  2. Glenfiddich
  3. Apples
  4. Vermouth
  5. Captain Morgan
  6. Bacardi
  7. Coconut
  8. Mead
  9. Cherries (morello cherries)
  10. Czech Republic (or Czechia)
  11. Perry
  12. Moonshine
  13. Tequila
  14. Grog
  15. Cava

Questions II

  1. Bourbon is strongly associated with the American South and with which American state in particular?
  2. What sort of 'Bishop' was a type of mulled wine especially popular in Victorian England?
  3. Grey Goose is a brand of which distilled alcoholic beverage?
  4. Gin gets its predominant flavour from which sort of berries?
  5. The European Union has established a minimum alcohol content of what percentage for vodka: (a)37.5%, (b)39.5%, or (c)41.5%?
  6. Which cocktail is made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice?
  7. What is the well known name for Japanese rice wine?
  8. Absinthe is what flavour?
  9. Which distinctive type of brandy, the oldest brandy distilled in France, gets its name from a region in Gascony situated between the Adour and Garonne rivers in the lower Pyrenees?
  10. What was the name of the 17th century monk at the Benedictine abbey in Hautvillers who produced a brand of vintage Champagne?
  11. Referred to as "moonshine rum", pitorro is a distilled spirit from which island?
  12. In 1730’s London, notices advertised which drink with the message, 'Drunk for 1 penny, Dead drunk for tuppence, Straw for nothing!!'?
  13. Tokay is the name of the wines from which country?
  14. Which orange-flavoured triple sec liqueur is produced in Saint-Barthelemy-d'Anjou, France?
  15. Jack Daniel's is a brand of whiskey associated with which American state?
  16. It comes in a bottle which is recognisable by its distinctive oversized label and it's name is the Spanish word for 'narrowing' - what is it?


  1. Kentucky
  2. Smoking Bishop
  3. Vodka
  4. Juniper
  5. (a) 37.5%
  6. A cosmopolitan, or cosmo
  7. Sake
  8. Anise-flavoured
  9. Armagnac
  10. Dom Perignon
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. Gin
  13. Hungary (also accept Slovakia)
  14. Cointreau
  15. Tennessee
  16. Angostura bitters