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Two different answers that are anagrams...
Example: Small tree AND hair-styling tool? Answers: SHRUB and BRUSH


  1. People taking part in a sport AND a culinary herb?
  2. Old British coin worth four pennies AND a slang word for a certain, rather large reptile?
  3. 'As well as' AND a country in South-east Asia?
  4. Discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age AND the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet?
  5. Pedagogue AND ten thousand square metres?
  6. The highest tuned in a ring of bells AND highest mount in the Rocky Mountains?
  7. A systematic list of books, names, pictures, etc. AND change of fluid to a solid or semi-solid state?
  8. A famous society which is also the Latin word for table AND monikers?
  9. Scottish city AND ill at ease?
  10. A motion-picture theatre AND a Marvel Comics' founding member of the X-Men?
  11. Update for the present day AND behaviour like a control freak?
  12. The refusal to accept or comply with something AND one's family or ethnic descent?
  13. A series of regular twists and curves in a river AND editors?
  14. A particular form of a language AND a fortress?
  15. Mexican snacks AND part of the land adjoining the sea?
  16. French green bean AND a small carriage pulled by horses?
  17. A thick oily substance AND concurs?
  18. Mineral water company AND showing a lack of judgement and experience?
  19. Move from one habitat to another according to the seasons AND musical style that flourished from the 1890s to 1910s?
  20. Viral disease most often transmitted via animals AND a landlocked country in Europe?


  1. Players, Parsley
  2. Groat, Gator
  3. Also, Laos
  4. Agism, Sigma
  5. Teacher, Hectare
  6. Treble, Elbert
  7. Catalogue, Coagulate
  8. Mensa, Names
  9. Inverness, Nerviness
  10. Cinema, Iceman
  11. Modernise, Domineers
  12. Resistance, Ancestries
  13. Meanders, Amenders
  14. Dialect, Citadel
  15. Tacos, Coast
  16. Haricot, Chariot
  17. Grease, Agrees
  18. Evian, naive
  19. Migrate, Ragtime
  20. Rabies, Serbia