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Animal Logos

Famous logos featuring animals

  1. Which company's crocodile logo dates back to 1923?
  2. What animal is the logo of the automaker Ferrari?
  3. The RSPB's logo depicts what type of bird?
  4. What animal is the logo for the World Wildlife Fund?

  5. What animal is the logo of crystal jewellery company Swarovski?
  6. Which two animals feature on the coat of arms of Australia?
  7. Which animal is depicted on the iconinc Lamborghini logo?
  8. Which animal was the inspiration for the logo of the family-owned spirits company, Bacardi?
  9. Which company gets its logo from the title of a painting depicting a dog named Nipper?
  10. Which company's logo shows two baby birds inside a nest being fed by their mother?
  11. Which company would you associate with a brightly hued peacock called the "Bird"?
  12. Which German brewery has a name which means "lion's brew"?
  13. Four years after Penguin Books was founded, came the idea came for which children's book company?
  14. Which company's logo features a polo player on horseback?
  15. How many charging bulls feature on the Red Bull logo?
  16. Which British clothing company famous for its headwear adopted the kangaroo logo in 1983?
  17. Which European car manufacturer's iconic logo featuring a red griffin first appeared in 1974?
  18. An outline of which animal is depicted on the mountain logo of Toblerone?
  19. In February 2000, the web portal MSN introduced a new logo featuring a stylized what?
  20. Leo the Lion is the mascot for which Hollywood film studio?
  21. Which British sports brand, founded in 1881, features a black panther logo?
  22. Which computer Operating System's logo is a cartoon penguin named Tux?
  23. TripAdvisor uses what animal for their logo?
  24. Since the 1950s, which brand's logo has been a depiction of a ducal horse-drawn carriage?
  25. Which British company has a little Scottie dog logo?


  1. Lacoste
  2. Horse
  3. Avocet
  4. Giant panda
  5. A swan
  6. Kangaroo and the emu
  7. Bull
  8. Bats (fruit bats)
  9. His Master's Voice
  10. Nestle
  11. NBC
  12. Lowenbrau
  13. Puffin Books
  14. Ralph Lauren
  15. Two
  16. Kangol
  17. Saab
  18. Bear
  19. Butterfly
  20. MGM, or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  21. Slazenger
  22. Linux
  23. Owl
  24. Hermes
  25. Radley