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Antipodes Quiz - Australia and New Zealand

25 Questions

  1. The Great Barrier Reef is in which sea?
  2. What fun nickname do Australians and New Zealanders give to the Tasman Sea?
  3. How far is Canberra from Wellington: (a) 544 miles, (b) 944 miles, or (c) 1,444 miles?
  4. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (or ANZAC) was formed in 1914 and first operated during which First World War campaign?
  5. Which country is directly on the opposite side of the Earth to the capital of New Zealand, Wellington - or in otherwords, the antipode of Wellington?

  6. Australia and New Zealand are part of which continent?
  7. What's the common name of the constellation centred on four bright stars which has great significance in the cultures of Australia and New Zealand?
  8. The Piano is a 1993 period drama film about a Scottish woman who travels to a remote part of which country?
  9. Which country has most sheep - New Zealand or Australia?
  10. Russell Crowe was born in which country?
  11. Australia produces 95% of which of the world's gemstones?
  12. True or false? Before COVID Australians and New Zealanders may visit, work and live in either country without restrictions?
  13. Which country has the nickname the Shaky Isles?
  14. Which country has two official national anthems of equal status?
  15. Which is bigger, the Australian state of New South Wales or New Zealand?
  16. Which large, flightless bird thrived in New Zealand for millions of years before becoming abruptly extinct about 600 years ago?
  17. Which people from Polynesia first discovered New Zealand?
  18. Which islanders are often grouped with the Aboriginal people as the first Australians?
  19. "The Lord of the Rings" was shot almost entirely in which country?
  20. Which Nobel prize-winning New Zealand-born physicist is known as the father of nuclear physics?
  21. Which New Zealand-bred Thoroughbred racehorse was winner of the 1930 Melbourne Cup?
  22. Which dessert is believed to have been created in honour of a dancer in the 1920s after one of her tours to New Zealand and Australia?
  23. Name the first European explorer to reach both New Zealand and Van Diemen's Land?
  24. The Beehive is the common name for the Executive Wing of which country's Parliament Buildings?
  25. The Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, was formally opened in which decade?


  1. Coral Sea
  2. The Ditch
  3. (c) 1,444 miles
  4. Gallipoli campaign
  5. Spain
  6. Oceania
  7. Southern Cross
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia (there are roughly 110 million sheep in Australia and 40 million in New Zealand)
  10. New Zealand (born in Wellington, although he has lived most of his life in Australia)
  11. Opals
  12. True (Freedom of travel is facilitated through the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements (TTTA) of 1973)
  13. New Zealand is nicknamed the Shaky Isles (NZ is also known as "The Land Of The Long White Cloud")
  14. New Zealand has two anthems
  15. New South Wales (Australia) is 2.96 times bigger than New Zealand
  16. Moa
  17. Maoris
  18. Torres Straight Islanders
  19. New Zealand (the director Peter Jackson is a famous New Zealand director)
  20. Ernest Rutherford
  21. Phar Lap
  22. Pavlova (named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova)
  23. Abel Tasman (Van Diemen's Land was the original name of the island of Tasmania)
  24. New Zealand Parliament Buildings
  25. 1970s (1973)

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