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Are You British?

Questions only a British person could answer

  1. Whose Book of Household Management was an extensive Victorian guide to running a household in Britain?
  2. As of 2022, Prime Minister's Questions Time is held at noon in the House of Commons on which day of the week?
  3. Which singer was the butt of many a joke by Eric Morecambe?

  4. Which phrase, meaning excellent or cool, was dropped by Jamie Oliver because even he found it annoying?
  5. Which London street is famous for its bespoke tailoring?
  6. With which British store would you associate Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar?
  7. In which building is the grave of the Unknown Warrior?
  8. What name links the principal railway station in Manchester and a yellow property on the UK version of the Monopoly boardgame?
  9. Under what brand name was the chocolate bar Snickers sold under until 1990?
  10. Russ Conway, Bobby Crush and Mrs. Mills are all associated with which musical instrument?
  11. The traditional recipe for the Cornish pasty contains beef with potato, onion and which other vegetable?
  12. Which wrapped chocolates were introduced by Cadbury in the UK in 1938 as a competitor to Quality Street?
  13. In which English county is Constable Country?
  14. Something that has gone wrong, has gone what shape?
  15. 'Rain Stops Play' by Andrew Hignall is a book about the geographical history of which sport in England and Wales?
  16. Which parliament is missing from the list: Westminster, Holyrood, and the Senedd?
  17. What sort of 'tales' did Geoffrey Chaucer write about?
  18. Which British car was the first to sell over a million units and was said to typify "Englishness"?
  19. Arthur George Negus was an expert on what?
  20. Which three letter phrase was first introduced in 1968 on the London Underground as a visual warning to rail passengers?
  21. De Montfort Hall is the largest performance and music venue in which British city?
  22. Desperate Dan was a character in which children's magazine?
  23. What is a Scottish word meaning "church"?
  24. The fictional Crossroads Motel was in a fictional village near which British city?
  25. The London Marathon is the second largest annual road race in the UK, after which race?


  1. Mrs. Beeton's (Isabella Beeton)
  2. Wednesday
  3. Des O'Connor (referred to as "Des - short for "desperate", and "Death O'Connor")
  4. Pukka
  5. Savile Row
  6. Marks and Spencer
  7. Westminster Abbey
  8. Piccadilly
  9. Marathon
  10. Piano
  11. Swede
  12. Roses
  13. Suffolk
  14. Pear shaped
  15. Cricket
  16. Stormont (all UK parliaments)
  17. Canterbury (The Canterbury Tales)
  18. Morris Minor
  19. Antiques
  20. Mind the Gap
  21. Leicester
  22. The Dandy
  23. Kirk
  24. Birmingham
  25. The Great North Run (run between Newcastle and South Shields)