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10 Astronomers Quiz Questions

  1. What did American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discover in 1930?
  2. Who succeeded John Flamsteed in 1720 as the second Astronomer Royal?
  3. Which astronomer dropped balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to demonstrate that their time of descent was independent of their mass?
  4. Which Polish astronomer was the first modern European scientist to propose that the Earth revolves around the sun?

  5. Which British astronomer, who died in 2001, is best known as the foremost proponent of the steady-state theory of the universe?
  6. Which English amateur astronomer presented the British TV programme The Sky at Night from 1957 to 2013?
  7. Which planet was discovered by Sir William Herschel on 13 March 1781 from the garden of his house in Bath, England?
  8. Which astronomer is known for his studies of the rings of Saturn and the discovery of its moon Titan? As an inventor he also invented the pendulum clock.
  9. What was the first name of Hubble, most widely recognized for the Hubble Space Telescope which was named in his honour?
  10. Which astronomer is best known for his laws of planetary motion?


  1. Pluto
  2. Edmond Halley
  3. Galileo Galilei
  4. Nicolaus Copernicus
  5. Sir Fred Hoyle
  6. Patrick Moore
  7. Uranus
  8. Christiaan Huygens

  9. Edwin
  10. Johannes Kepler

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