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Auction Quiz I

  1. The auction by Knight, Frank & Rutley estate agents in Salisbury on 21 September 1915 included "Lot 15" that was bought by Cecil Chubb for £6,600. He gave it to the nation three years later, what is it?

  2. In what sort of auction does the auctioneer begin with a high asking price which is lowered until a participant accepts the auctioneer's price or until the seller's reserve price is met?
  3. What two word name is given to the percentage additional charge on the final hammer price?
  4. The 1895 pastel-on-board version of which work was sold at Sotheby's in London for a record price of nearly 120 million dollars in May 2012?
  5. What name is given to the small ceremonial mallet that is used by auctioneers?
  6. The word "auction" is derived from the Latin augeo, which means: (a)I increase, (b)I purchase, or (c)I bid?
  7. Which auction house, established in 1744, in London, is the world's largest art business and the world's second-largest auction house?
  8. A first-price sealed-bid auction (FPSBA) is a common type of auction, but by what name is it otherwise known?
  9. In October 2018, what happenned to a Banksy work entitled Balloon Girl just after it was sold in an auction for one million pounds?
  10. Sold in 1999, whose dress was won for over 1.2 million dollars by the Manhattan-based collectible company Gotta Have It!?
  11. What word defines an individual object or group of objects offered for sale at auction as a single unit?
  12. What did Pierre Omidyar do in the autumn of 1995?


  1. Stonehenge
  2. A Dutch auction
  3. Buyer's premium

  4. The Scream (by Edward Munch)
  5. A gavel
  6. I increase
  7. Sotheby's
  8. A blind auction
  9. It was partially shredded
  10. Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr. President" Dress
  11. Lot
  12. He founded eBay

Auction Quiz II

  1. What are Artsy and Paddle8?
  2. Who wrote the collection of writings called The Codex Leicester which were bought by Bill Gates at a 1994 New York auction for just under 31 million dollars?
  3. Which BBC TV series, broadcast from 2002 and presented by Paul Martin, lets members of the public bring their antiques to be valued by a team of experts before being given the option to sell their items at auction?
  4. In 2013, a violin played by band leader Wallace Hartley was sold for £900,000 in just 10 minutes at auction in Wiltshire; why did it attract such a high bid?
  5. What was the last name of book specialist Walter, who joined forces in 1793 with antique print dealer Thomas Dodd to set up a famous auction house?
  6. In 2016, the boots worn by Brazil legend Pele sold at auction for over eight thousand pounds in London, in which footballing epic did he wear them?
  7. In the BBC sitcom, Only Fools and Horses, what object was auctioned to make Del and Rodney millionaires?
  8. In May 2011, a painting that had not been seen in public for nearly 20 years entitled The Football Match was sold for £5.6m at auction. Name the artist?
  9. What was the very first item sold on eBay? It sold for just under fifteen dollars.
  10. A small walrus tusk warrior figure that was bought for £5 in 1964 was sold at auction for £735,000 in 2019. What was its significance?
  11. The first known auction house in the world was founded in which European country in 1674?
  12. Which BBC show's tagline was "The show that helps you find hidden treasures in your home, and then sells them for you at auction."?
  13. Founded in London, in 1766, name the world’s largest and most famous auction house? Today, its main premises are on King Street, St James's, in London and in the Rockefeller Center in New York City.
  14. Which artist's Rabbit in stainless steel fetched the highest price ever for a piece by a living artist in May 2019?
  15. Presenter Martin Roberts is associated with which BBC property auction series?
  16. A placard with the words "Bed Peace" sold at auction for just short of £100,000 in 2011, who wrote the words?
  17. In 2014, the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication became the most expensive what sold at auction? It sold for 24 million dollars.
  18. In November 2017, the painting Salvator Mundi sold for a record 450 million dollars, can you name the artist?
  19. Which online auction website founded in December 1998, has it's headquarters in Surrey, England?


  1. Online auction houses
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Flog It!
  4. The violin was played on the Titanic (apparently played to calm passengers as the ship sunk)
  5. Bonham
  6. The film Escape to Victory
  7. A watch (a John Harrison marine "lesser watch")
  8. LS Lowry

  9. A broken laser pointer
  10. A missing piece from The Lewis Chessmen
  11. Sweden (The Stockholm Auction House)
  12. Cash in the Attic
  13. Christie's
  14. Jeff Koons
  15. Homes Under the Hammer
  16. John Lennon
  17. Most expensive watch ever sold at auction
  18. Leonardo da Vinci
  19. eBid (