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Australia Geography

30 Quiz Questions

  1. The Great Barrier Reef lies a short distance off the coast of which Australian state?
  2. Which sea seperates Australia and New Zealand?
  3. Which Australian harbour is thought to be the largest and deepest natural harbour in the world?
  4. How many countries in the world are larger than Australia?

  5. Can you name Australia's highest mountain?
  6. Name the large peninsula located in far north of Queensland?
  7. What new name was Ayers Rock given in 1993 when a dual naming policy was adopted?
  8. The Swan and Canning rivers flow through which city?
  9. Which city, the largest and most populated in Queensland's western interior, do locals often refer to as "The Isa"?
  10. Which city is the state capital of South Australia?
  11. What is the Australian name for a long narrow ox bow lake?
  12. Can you name the largest desert in Australia?
  13. The Capital Territory is surrounded by which Australian state?
  14. Which vast, sparsely populated area of Australia is more remote than the bush?
  15. What body of water separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?
  16. Which river is the longest in Australia?
  17. The Stuart Highway connects which city on the north coast with Melbourne via Alice Springs?
  18. Which city is the capital of Australia?
  19. How many time zones does Australia have?
  20. Tasmania is separated from the Australian mainland by which strait?
  21. Australia is divided into two territories and how many states?
  22. True or false? The population of Australia is 22 million?
  23. Which island in the state of South Australia, also known as Karta Pintingga, is Australia's third-largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island?
  24. Which lake in Far North South Australia contains the lowest natural point in the country?
  25. Which large gulf is enclosed on three sides by northern Australia?
  26. Which Aboriginal word with the same meaning as the word "surf" in English is also the name of a suburb of eastern Sydney?
  27. Which city is the largest settlement in North Queensland and unofficially considered its capital?
  28. The Snowy Mountains makes up the northeastern half of which mountain range in southeast Australia?
  29. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which sea?
  30. Name the second most populated city in Tasmania? A clue: it was named after a town in Cornwall.


  1. Queensland
  2. Tasman Sea
  3. Sydney Harbour (also except Port Jackson)
  4. Five (Russia, Canada, China, United States, and Brazil)
  5. Mount Kosciuszko
  6. Cape York Peninsula
  7. Uluru
  8. Perth
  9. Mount Isa
  10. Adelaide
  11. Billabong
  12. The Great Victoria Desert
  13. New South Wales
  14. The Outback
  15. Torres Strait
  16. Murray
  17. Darwin
  18. Canberra
  19. 3 time zones
  20. Bass Strait
  21. 6 states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia)
  22. False. It's 26 million (2022)

  23. Kangaroo Island
  24. Lake Eyre (officially known as Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre)
  25. The Gulf of Carpentaria
  26. Bondi (originally "Boondi") - as in the famous Bondi Beach
  27. Townsville
  28. The Australian Alps
  29. The Coral Sea
  30. Launceston