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Australian Timeline

Timeline and Major Events in Australian History Quiz

  1. Captain James Cook landed at Botany Bay in 1770 in which ship?
  2. In 1824 the island was given the new name of Austalia. Its previous name was 'New' what?
  3. In which decade did convict transportation come to an end?

  4. Who was hanged in the Old Melbourne Gaol on the 11 November 1880?
  5. In which decade was Qantas airlines founded, the spread vegemite first introduced and Australia's parliament officially moved to Canberra?
  6. In 1832, the Swan River Colony changed its name to what?
  7. In 1841, what separated from the Colony of New South Wales and was made a colony in its own right?
  8. What was the 19th century colonial name for the island of Tasmania?
  9. In 1873 Uluru was first sighted by Europeans and named what?
  10. In 1877 the first internationally recognised game of Test Cricket was played on which ground?
  11. The Syndey Opera House opened in which decade?
  12. On 25 April 1915, Australian soldiers landed at ANZAC Cove on which Turkish peninsula?
  13. In 1942, the bombing of which city saw the largest ever attack on Australia by a foreign power?
  14. In which decade was construction on the Sydney Harbour Bridge completed?
  15. On 17 December 1967, which Australian Prime Minister disappeared whilst swimming?
  16. On the 24th of June in 1968 who committed suicide in Sydney?
  17. In 1970 more than 200,000 people participated in the largest demonstrations in Australian history, against what?
  18. In April 1984 which song was proclaimed as Australia's official national anthem?
  19. In which year was television personality Steve Irwin fatally injured by a stingray barb?
  20. In which year did Australia's population reach 10 million: (a) 1949, (b) 1959, (c) 1969, or (d) 1979?


  1. HMS Endeavour
  2. New Holland
  3. 1860s (1868)
  4. Ned Kelly
  5. 1920s
  6. Western Australia
  7. New Zealand
  8. Van Diemen's Land
  9. Ayers Rock
  10. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
  11. 1970s (20 October 1973)
  12. The Gallipoli Peninsula
  13. Darwin
  14. 1930s (1932)
  15. Harold Holt
  16. British comedian Tony Hancock
  17. Vietnam War
  18. Advance Australia Fair
  19. 2006
  20. (b) 1959

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