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Austria Quiz


  1. Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria. Can you name the next three largest Austrian cities?
  2. Many famous classical music composers were born in Austria. Which composer's works include "The Blue Danube" and the operetta Die Fledermaus?
  3. The Kiss is a famous painting by which Austrian artist?
  4. Name the highest mountain in Austria? It's also the highest mountain in the Alps.

  5. Which horse riding school in Vienna is a world famous cultural institution?
  6. Which composer's operas include The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni?
  7. Name the Austrian scientist born in 1822 known as the "father of modern genetics"? He is famous for his experiments with the plants of which vegetable?
  8. What is roughly the population of Austria: (a) 9 million, (b) 18 million, or (c) 27 million?
  9. Which city hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics and also the 1984 and 1988 Winter Paralympics?
  10. Which national dish consists of a thin, breaded fried cutlet?
  11. For which famous Austrian was a dedicated museum opened in the village of Thal in 2011?
  12. Which Austrian drinks brand created in 1987 became the third most valuable soft drinks brand behind Coca-Cola and Pepsi?
  13. Part of Austrian cuisine, name the type of layered pastry with a sweet filling?
  14. Which Austrian-born American film actress was known for her inventions including a signalling method that is the basis for modern wireless communications?
  15. Which Austrian actor has won Oscars for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for both Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained?
  16. Name the Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis who died in 1939?
  17. Which former champion alpine skier dominated the downhill event in the late 1970s?
  18. What was the currency of Austria from 1945 to 1999, before the euro was introduced?
  19. Which Austrian driver was Formula One World Drivers' Champion three-times, winning in 1975, 1977 and 1984?
  20. Which river flows through Vienna?


  1. Graz, Linz, Salzburg
  2. Johann Strauss II
  3. Gustav Klimt (painted between 1907 and 1908, during the artist's "Golden Period")
  4. The Grossglockner, or Glockner
  5. The Spanish Riding School
  6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  7. Gregor Mendel. Pea plants.
  8. (a) 9 million
  9. Innsbruck
  10. Wiener schnitzel
  11. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  12. Red Bull
  13. Strudel
  14. Hedy Lamarr
  15. Christoph Waltz
  16. Sigmund Freud
  17. Franz Klammer
  18. The schilling
  19. Niki Lauda
  20. Danube