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28 Questions and Answers about Banks


  1. Which bank is famous for its golden griffin logo, surrounded by golden coins?
  2. What does the acronym HSBC stand for?
  3. The Bank of England has its headquarters in which London street?
  4. In 1995, Lloyds Bank merged with which bank?
  5. Which bank is identified by the 'Sign of the Black Spread Eagle'?
  6. Which society, the UK's 4th largest building society, was established in 1853 in North Yorkshire?
  7. PPI was a type of insurance sold with loans, credit cards, mortgages and other types of credit - what does the acronym PPI stand for?
  8. What sort of 'fund' is the term used to describe the investments of a few normally wealthy people pooled together and managed professionally?

  9. Which London street with an overall length of 260 metres has often been compared with Wall Street and is notable for its connections with the City of London's merchant, banking and insurance industries?
  10. Banking in its modern sense evolved in the fourteenth century in the prosperous cities of which European country?
  11. What name is given to the American equivalent of a UK current account?
  12. Joseph Hobson Jagger, an English businessman from Yorkshire, who in the early 1880s with his skills on the roulette tables was said to have "broken the bank at" where?
  13. Which bank was established on 11 January 2010, when Abbey National was combined with branches of Bradford and Bingley?
  14. Nick Leeson is an English former derivatives trader notorious for bankrupting the United Kingdom's oldest merchant bank. Can you name this bank?
  15. Where is the worlds largest gold depository?
  16. Which commercial bank formed in Glasgow, in 1838, is the smallest of the three Scottish banks?
  17. Which British credit card brand was launched in 1972 to rival the already established Barclaycard but became defunct in 1996, when it was taken over by MasterCard?
  18. What name is given to interest that has been earned but not yet paid?
  19. What name is given to a financial instrument held by a third party on behalf of the other two parties in a transaction?
  20. Which British mutual financial institution with its headquarters in Swindon is the largest building society in the world with over 15 million members?
  21. What is a type of member-owned financial cooperative similar to a commercial bank, but controlled by its members and operated on a not-for-profit basis?
  22. The orange lion is the logo of which banking group?
  23. Can you complete the name of the following American multinational investment bank: Goldman ...?
  24. The world's first cash machine was put into use by Barclays Bank in North London on 27 June 1967 - which English comedy actor first used this machine?
  25. In 1984, which bank adopted an advertising slogan: "The Bank That Likes To Say Yes"?
  26. Who has been the Governor of the Bank of England since 2020?
  27. In the acronym FTSE 100, what do the letters FTSE stand for?
  28. Which 'Brothers' bank's bankruptcy and collapse signalled the beginning of the 2008 credit crunch?


  1. The Midland Bank
  2. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  3. Threadneedle Street
  4. TSB (Trustee Savings Bank)
  5. Barclays
  6. Skipton Building Society
  7. Payment protection insurance
  8. Hedge fund
  9. Lombard Street
  10. Italy
  11. Checking account
  12. Monte Carlo
  13. Santander
  14. Barings Bank
  15. Federal reserve bank, Manhattan
  16. Clydesdale Bank plc
  17. Access
  18. Accrued Interest
  19. Escrow
  20. Nationwide Building Society
  21. Credit Union
  22. ING
  23. Sachs (Goldman Sachs)

  24. Reg Varney
  25. TSB
  26. Andrew Bailey
  27. Financial Times Stock Exchange
  28. Lehman Brothers