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BBC Quiz Questions

BBC Quiz I

  1. What does the abbreviation BBC stand for?
  2. What's the name of the international broadcaster operated by the BBC in more than 40 language which is the world's largest of any kind?
  3. Other than "The Beeb", the BBC is known affectionately by what nickname?

  4. The Archers is a British radio soap opera on which BBC channel?
  5. Which BBC2 finance and business affairs programme ran between April 1966 and November 2010?
  6. What sort of toy was siting next to Carole Hersee on the television Test Card which aired on BBC Television from 1967 to 1998?
  7. On 10 September 1982, after 32 years on air, which programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 for the final time?
  8. Which Scottish inventor demonstrated the world's first working television system in 1926?
  9. On 29 January 1942, the first edition of which programme was broadcast on the BBC Forces Programme?
  10. Which London entertainment and sports venue became the home of the BBC in 1936?
  11. In 2012 the BBC relocated a number of its departments to which northern city?
  12. What was the name of the world's first teletext information service and a forerunner to the current BBC Red Button service?
  13. On 25 December 1977, whose Christmas show on BBC1 attracted an audience of more than 28 million?
  14. In which year was Eastenders first broadcast?
  15. Which television sport programme was broadcast between 1958 and 2007?
  16. In which year was BBC2 launched?
  17. Which sitcom created and written by Roy Clarke was first broadcast by the BBC in 1973?
  18. After nearly 78 years on air, which programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 for the final time in January 2018?
  19. CBeebies is a children's television network targeted at children aged 2 to 6, can you name its sister channel aimed at viewers aged 6 to 16?
  20. Which BBC programme is the longest-running programme in television history to have the same presenter?
  21. Which programme was relaunched in 2005 after a sixteen years absence?
  22. First broadcast in 1953, name the world's longest-running news television programme?
  23. Launched in 1999, which channel broadcasting documentary and educational programmes was shut down in 2002 and replaced by BBC Four?
  24. Which BBC programme is now the longest-running children's TV show in the world?
  25. Question Time, first broadcast in September 1979, was based on which BBC Radio 4 programme?


  1. The British Broadcasting Corporation
  2. The BBC World Service
  3. Auntie
  4. BBC Radio 4
  5. The Money Programme
  6. A clown
  7. Listen with Mother
  8. John Logie Baird
  9. Desert Island Discs
  10. Alexandra Palace
  11. Salford
  12. Ceefax
  13. Morecambe & Wise
  14. 1985
  15. Grandstand
  16. 1964
  17. Last of the Summer Wine
  18. The Sunday Hour

  19. CBBC
  20. The Sky at Night (the presenter was Patrick Moore)
  21. Doctor Who
  22. Panorama
  23. BBC Knowledge
  24. Blue Peter
  25. Any Questions?