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David and Victoria Beckham Quiz

Beckham Quiz

  1. Victoria Caroline Beckham rose to fame with the Spice Girls in the late 1990s and was dubbed Posh Spice, but what was her last name before she married David?
  2. In 2001 Victoria released her first book, it was entitled "Learning to" what?
  3. On 4 July 1999, the Beckhams married at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland - who was David's best man?
  4. Their youngest son Cruz was born at Ruber International Hospital, in which city?

  5. As a child Victoria was mortified when her father drove her to school in what sort of car?
  6. Rowneybury House in Hertfordshire, which the Beckham's bought for £2.5 million in 1999, was given what nickname by the media?
  7. Harper is their only daughter, but what is her rather numerical middle name?
  8. On the back of David's neck is a Gothic-style outline of a cross with what added to it?
  9. Brooklyn Beckham has shown an interest in modelling and what other profession?
  10. Back in 2001, Victoria revealed that she called David by what nickname because of the way he'd turned his image around after being sent off at the 1998 World Cup?
  11. England qualified for the 2002 World Cup with a David Beckham stoppage time 30-yard curling free-kick against which country?
  12. David decided to wear the number 23 shirt at Madrid because of his admiration of which sportsman (who also wore the number 23)?
  13. What does Victoria collect that is (as of 2020) estimated to be worth a total of more than £1.5 million?
  14. David Beckham was voted the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2001, but in the same year finished runner-up for the FIFA World Player of the Year award to which player?
  15. In 2010, Victoria Beckham was the voice of Queen Amphitrite in an episode of what?
  16. What did David Beckham's father, Ted, do for a living?
  17. Victoria's wedding dress was designed by which American fashion designer?
  18. David was given it for services to football in 2003 and Victoria got the same honour for services to the fashion industry in 2017 - what is it?
  19. In 2004 there were rumours that David had a relationship with his personal assistant, can you remember her name?
  20. Which city did the Beckhams move to in July 2007?
  21. What was first, the Beckham's wedding or the birth of Brooklyn?
  22. David Beckham is the owner of a football club based in which city in the United States?
  23. Name Victoria Beckham's best friend who was chosen to be daughter Harper's godmother?
  24. Victoria once complained on Instagram that David was up till 3.30 doing what: (a)building a lego castle, (b)reading 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', or (c)watching "Game of Thrones"?
  25. Which singer did David and Victoria Beckham hire for their son Brooklyn’s 21st birthday party?
  26. In 2020, David and Victoria make headlines with images of them isolating in which part of the country?


  1. Adams
  2. Fly (The title was taken from a line in a song from the musical Fame: "I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly")
  3. Gary Neville
  4. Madrid
  5. Rolls-Royce
  6. Beckingham Palace
  7. Seven (Harper Seven Beckham)
  8. Wings
  9. Photography
  10. Golden Balls
  11. Greece
  12. Basketball player Michael Jordan
  13. Handbags
  14. Luis Figo (of Portugal)
  15. SpongeBob SquarePants
  16. Kitchen fitter
  17. Vera Wang
  18. OBE
  19. Rebecca Loos
  20. Los Angeles
  21. Birth of Brooklyn (he was a baby at the wedding)
  22. Miami (the club is called Inter Miami)
  23. Eva Longoria
  24. Building a lego castle (Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)
  25. Stormzy
  26. Cotswolds