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Best England Footballers Ever

Football Quiz

  1. What name was given to Gazza's famous goal celebration from Euro 96?
  2. Who is the only English player to win back-to-back Ballon d'Ors?
  3. Matt Le Tissier was born on which of the Channel Islands?
  4. Sir Stanley Matthews actually won the first ever Ballon d’Or back in 1956 but can you name the TWO English clubs he played for?

  5. Which English player received a World Cup winner's medal in 2009?
  6. Both Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard made their last international appearances on 24 June 2014 in a nil-nil draw against which country?
  7. Name the outfield player that has played the most matches for England without ever scoring?
  8. Who is the only player to have scored in four consecutive major tournaments for England?
  9. Which English player won the Emperor's Cup and also finished second in the J.League?
  10. Alan Shearer made his professional debut for which club on 26 March 1988?
  11. How old was Peter Shilton when he made his World Cup finals debut: (a) 26, (b) 29, or (c) 32?
  12. Who did club teammate Bill Shankly call "the greatest player I ever saw, bar none"?
  13. Who was the first footballer to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
  14. Who was the first player to reach 100 caps for England?
  15. About which English player did Michel Platini once say: "If he had been French, he would have won well over 100 caps and the team would have been built around him"?
  16. Which country did David Beckham's score a last minute free-kick against to secure qualification for the 2002 World Cup?
  17. In 2002, Wayne Rooney scored a last-minute winner for Everton against Arsenal in his first ever Premier League match. How old was he?
  18. Gordon Banks joined Chesterfield in 1953 and was sold to which club for £7,000 in July 1959?
  19. On 31 August 2012, Harry Kane made his Premier League debut as a substitute for which club?
  20. Sir Bobby Robson once said of which player during an interview at Italia 90, that he was "the greatest talent that England has ever produced"?
  21. Bobby Charlton became the manager of which club in 1973? And who did he sign as player-coach?
  22. Which former England international won the Premier League titles eleven times?

Footie Answers

  1. The Dentist's Chair
  2. Kevin Keegan
  3. Guernsey
  4. Blackpool and Stoke City
  5. Jimmy Greaves (FIFA rule changes meant squad members of 1966 were finally honoured)
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Ashley Cole
  8. Michael Owen
  9. Gary Lineker (whilst playing in Japan)
  10. Southampton
  11. Peter Shilton was (c) 32
  12. Tom Finney
  13. Bobby Moore (1966)
  14. Billy Wright
  15. Glenn Hoddle
  16. Greece
  17. Rooney was 16 years of age
  18. Leicester City
  19. Norwich City (on loan from Tottenham)
  20. Bryan Robson
  21. Preston North End. He signed Nobby Stiles.
  22. Paul Scholes (second in the list to only Ryan Giggs)