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Quiz Questions

  1. Which footballer was David Beckham's best man?
  2. Which Hollywood actor was Al Gore's room-mate at Harvard?
  3. Elizabeth Taylor married her seventh husband at which friend's house?
  4. Charlotte Lucas and Elizabeth Bennet are best mates in which novel?

  5. Who did J. R. R. Tolkien call "his closest friend from about 1927 to 1940"?
  6. In a spin-off of Happy Days, which two friends and roommates worked as bottle-cappers in the fictitious Shotz Brewery?
  7. Which partnership did producer Aaron Spelling call TV's first heterosexual love affair?
  8. Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was great friends with which other famous composer?
  9. On the depature of his friend and guest, which writer wrote on the mirror in his guest room: "Hans Andersen slept in this room for five weeks — which seemed to the family AGES!"
  10. Kim Kardashian first gained media attention as a friend and stylist of who?
  11. Timon and Pumbaa are best friends in which film?
  12. Which Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man befriended the family of the last emperor of Russia, Nicholas II?
  13. Whose best friend was Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardner?
  14. Can you name the Scottish personal attendant who beame a good friend of Queen Victoria?


  1. Gary Neville
  2. Tommy Lee Jones
  3. Michael Jackson (at his Neverland Ranch)
  4. Pride And Prejudice
  5. C. S. Lewis
  6. Laverne & Shirley
  7. Starsky & Hutch
  8. Joseph Haydn
  9. Charles Dickens
  10. Paris Hilton
  11. The Lion King (1994) (an animated meerkat and warthog)
  12. Rasputin (Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin)

  13. Paul Gascoigne
  14. John Brown

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