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  1. What connects actor John Mahoney who played Martin Crane in the American sitcom Frasier with Zoe Ball and Coleen Nolan?
  2. What directed by Ridley Scott also featured Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 rearranged for brass?
  3. What is the last word spoken in the film "The Bridge on the River Kwai"?
  4. What does the name Hussein have in common with John and Robinette?

  5. The chemical called 2,4,6-trichloanisole is responsible for what gastronomic dysfunction?
  6. The capital city of which country of 19 million people is Nur-Sultan?
  7. In which century did China's Ming dynasty end?
  8. Which country was the last to join the European Union?
  9. At nine letters long, what is the longest word in the English language with only one vowel?
  10. In the Spanish Civil War, in what part of the body was George Orwell shot?


  1. All born in Blackpool
  2. Hovis Bread advert (the iconic 1973 advert which was indeed directed by Ridley Scott)
  3. Madness
  4. Middle names of last three US Presidents
  5. Corked wine
  6. Kazakhstan (it was known between 1998 and 2019 as Astana)
  7. 17th century (from 1368 to 1644)
  8. Croatia (2013)

  9. Strengths
  10. Neck or throat

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