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Questions in 20 categories as in the trivia game Bezzerwizzer

Bezzerwizzer is a quiz game combining trivia and tactics, where the questions are divided into 20 different categories (from Architecture to TV). We thought it would be fun to ask questions on those same categories.

Quiz Questions I

  1. The popular and critical success of which building designed by Frank Gehry created what the media called the "Bilbao Effect"?
  2. What is the most famous oil painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer?
  3. Which city is the major financial centre of the European continent and the headquarters of the European Central Bank?
  4. The GCSE was introduced in 1988 as a replacement for the former O-Level and which other exam?
  5. Which designer created the "New Look" that re-established Paris as the centre of the fashion world after World War II?
  6. Who won and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 1981 film Tootsie?
  7. The name of which coffee-flavoured Italian dessert means "pick me up" in English?
  8. Pacific Heights is an affluent neighborhood in which American city?
  9. Which king was on the throne at the time of the Peasant's Revolt?

  10. Which bone is sometimes called the zygomatic arch?
  11. How do you say "thank you" in Portuguese?
  12. In the novel Emma by Jane Austen, what is the last name of Emma?
  13. Which African-American composer and pianist was dubbed the "King of Ragtime"?
  14. What is an otter's den called?
  15. What is the German equivalent of the United Kingdom's House of Commons?
  16. Which layer in the Earth's stratosphere absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation?
  17. Wayde van Niekerk is the world record holder in which men's athletics event?
  18. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown person or people who created what?
  19. Name the goddess of hunting in Roman mythology?
  20. What are Jenny Campbell, Tej Lalvani, Drogon and Rhaegal?


  1. The Guggenheim Museum (built in a rundown area of a city in economic decline brought in huge financial growth and prestige)
  2. Girl with a Pearl Earring
  3. Frankfurt
  4. CSE (Certificate of Secondary Education)
  5. Christian Dior
  6. Jesica Lange
  7. Tiramisu
  8. San Francisco
  9. Richard II (the revolt was in 1381)

  10. Cheek bone
  11. Obrigado
  12. Woodhouse
  13. Scott Joplin
  14. Holt
  15. Bundestag
  16. Ozone layer
  17. 400 metres
  18. Bitcoin
  19. Diana
  20. Dragons (in Dragons Den and Game of Thrones)