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Welcome to our Bible Sayings Quiz

What is the Bible sayings quiz?

A quiz handout about common Bible sayings. There's so many everyday sayings in our language and culture that originate from the Bible.

The expression "a little birdie told me" comes from the Old Testament of the Bible, from Ecclesiastes.
If you agree with someone you might say that "you see, eye to eye" - which again is another biblical maxim, this time from Isaiah 52:8.

Just like these, there's 15 common sayings from the Bible that have made their way into popular culture in our quiz handout.
It's free, compiling such quizzes are a "labour of love" for us!

Printable and original quizzes

Print our Bible Phrases Quiz instantly from this page. All the sayings are well-known but originate from scripture.

Quiz consists of 15 questions on a printable A4 sheet with space for the answers. There's three downloads. The first is the essential answers sheet. The second (handout 1) is the handout you give out to your quizzers. The third (handout 2), is again the same handout but with some letters given in the solutions to make this one a little easier.

Download and print a ready-made Bible quiz!

image of a printer 15 questions. PDf format. Take a look at the three separate downloads. Enjoy!

Handout 2:HANDOUT SHEET (some letters given to help with the answers)

These quizzes are free.

Above questions on a single A4 page in a PDF. Write answers on the same sheet. Print as many handouts as needed, you only need to print the answer sheet once. PDF readers are usually installed on your computer, laptop or phone but you can download them for free.

The Handout Sheets...

Some of the questions...
An event or action that's certain to cause disaster, or something to fail. - KISS OF DEATH
The last possible moment before it's too late to act or intervene. - THE ELEVENTH HOUR
To achieve something that otherwise seems impossible. - MOVE MOUNTAINS
A call to wake up, get out of bed and start the day. - RISE AND SHINE