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Big Animals


  1. What is the largest mammal of all time?
  2. The largest living bird Struthio camelus, is known as the common what?
  3. The Maine coon is regarded as the world's largest species of what?
  4. Which large and powerful horse, traditionally used in farming and road haulage, is named after its area of origin in Scotland?

  5. What is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species?
  6. What is the world's largest fish species?
  7. Larger than its living relatives, cavies and guinea pigs, can you name the largest living rodent on Earth?
  8. One of the heaviest flying birds, name the species of swan which derives its name from being less vocal than other swan species?
  9. What name links the world's largest beetles with the world's largest frog species?
  10. Can you name Britain's largest land carnivore?
  11. What colour links the largest living marsupial in the world and the UK's largest land mammal?
  12. Which species of python is the longest python and snake on record?
  13. Name the world's largest living lizard?
  14. Architeuthis dux is the largest cephalopod. By what better name is it known?
  15. The largest species or brown bear is native to which large island on the south coast of Alaska?
  16. What is the largest species of crocodile?
  17. Easy to identify from its distinctly colourful face, what is the world’s largest monkey?
  18. A true sea duck, what is the UK's heaviest and fastest flying duck?
  19. Females of the genus Phryganistria are the world's longest insects. What sort of insects are they?
  20. On average, what is officially the world's tallest dog breed?


  1. Blue whale
  2. Ostrich
  3. Domestic cat
  4. Clydesdale
  5. The emperor penguin
  6. Whale shark
  7. Capybara
  8. Mute swan
  9. Goliath (goliath frog and goliath beetle)
  10. Badger
  11. Red (red kangaroo and red deer)
  12. Reticulated python
  13. Komodo dragon
  14. Giant squid
  15. Kodiak Island (Kodiak bear, or Alaskan brown bear)
  16. Saltwater or estuarine crocodile
  17. Mandrill
  18. Eider
  19. Stick insects
  20. Irish wolfhound