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Bingo Quiz


  1. A typical bingo ticket contains how many spaces?
  2. Which brand formerly called Top Rank, has over 70 land-based bingo halls operating in the UK?
  3. What two word term used to announce the start the game was also the title of a sitcom about the manager of a bingo hall starring Paul O'Grady?
  4. Players often wolf whistle in response to what number bing called?

  5. Which host and founder of the Miss World pageant is accredited with popularising the game of bingo in the early sixties?
  6. Which Woolworths product is a nickname for twenty six?
  7. Foxy Bingo sponsored which British TV show from February 2008 until March 2017?
  8. Launched in 1991, which bingo company's name was chosen as a simple word incorporating letters from "Granada" and "Coral"?
  9. Taken from a quote from The Importance of Being Earnest what is the nickname for the bingo number 59?
  10. Which British company founded in 2006 operates the largest online bingo website in Europe?
  11. Introduced in bingo halls in the UK, what does the acronym RNG mean?
  12. What BBC game show hosted by Bob Monkhouse was based on bingo?
  13. Who hosted Lucky Numbers, a Bingo-based game show that aired from 1995 to 1997?
  14. To which number is there often a "quack, quack, quack" reponse?
  15. Top of the shop is which bingo number?


  1. 27 spaces (nine columns by three rows)
  2. Mecca Bingo
  3. Eyes Down
  4. 11 (legs eleven)
  5. Eric Morley
  6. Pick and mix
  7. The Jeremy Kyle Show
  8. Gala
  9. Brighton line
  10. Tombola
  11. Random number generator
  12. Bob's Full House
  13. Shane Richie
  14. 22 (two little ducks)
  15. 90