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Birds of Prey Quiz


  1. What is the UK's largest bird of prey?
  2. Which is the most common bird of prey in the UK?
  3. What name is given to a small falcon that hovers with beating wings, searching for prey on the ground?
  4. In the early 1930s, only two breeding pairs of which birds of prey were known to survive on the British Isles, both in central Wales?
  5. Name the most numerous owl in Britain, a woodland dweller not often seen but known for its classic "too-wit-too-woo"?

  6. Which fish-eating bird of prey is also called sea hawk or river hawk?
  7. Name the largest bird of prey in the world? It is also recognized as the largest of all birds that can fly. Note: we need a two word answer.
  8. Which once popular table-top game derived its name from the scientific name for the Eurasian hobby?
  9. Which bird with the scientific name Accipiter nisus is a small bird of prey that often hunts birds in British town and city gardens?
  10. Which buzzard feeds on the larvae of wasps and bees? It visits Britain from April to August.
  11. Rolls-Royce named its four-stroke piston aeroplane engine first run in 1933 after this small falcon called a pigeon hawk in America?
  12. Eagles build large nests high up in trees or on mountainsides - what is an eagle's nest called?
  13. Which type of eagle, the most widely distributed species of eagle, is the second largest bird of prey in the UK?
  14. What word starting with the letter 'r' is an alternative name for birds of prey?


  1. White-tailed eagle (also known as the sea eagle)
  2. Buzzard
  3. Kestrel
  4. Red Kites
  5. Tawny Owl
  6. Osprey
  7. Andean Condor
  8. Subbuteo
  9. Sparrowhawk
  10. Honey buzzard
  11. Merlin
  12. An eyrie
  13. Golden eagle
  14. Raptors

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