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Blue Peter


  1. Voted one of the greatest moment in children's TV, what did John Noakes climb in 1977?
  2. Who designed the Blue Peter ship logo?
  3. Which presenter had two periods on the show, the first time from 1980 to 1984, and again from 1985 to 1986?

  4. Do you know the name of the Blue Peter theme tune?
  5. Who was the Blue Peter gardener from 1974 to 1987?
  6. It is the longest-running children's television show in the world. In which year was it first broadcast?
  7. Who is the only presenter to have been fired mid-contract?
  8. In January 1993, the BBC was overwhelmed by requests for copies of the instruction sheet for making what?
  9. Who holds the record of being the youngest presenter on Blue Peter?
  10. What was the name of the dog who appeared on Blue Peter from 1978 to 1986. And who was her owner?
  11. Lulu visited the set of Blue Peter on 2 July, 1969, peeing on the floor? What sort of animal was Lulu?
  12. In April 2006, Blue Peter launched a challenge to find missing episodes of which BBC television series?
  13. What three-word catchphrase is John Noakes best remembered for?
  14. Who was the first black presenter?
  15. Which famous children's author was for a short time a Blue Peter cameraman?
  16. Who is the longest-serving female presenter?
  17. Which female presenter was brought in to replace Valerie Singleton?
  18. Who left the show in 2006 after seven years and took his dog Meg with him?
  19. Blue Peter invented what term for Fablon due to its policy against using commercial terms on-air?
  20. Which Blue Peter presenter also co-presented the first National Lottery draw on the 19 November 1994 on BBC One?


  1. Nelson's Column
  2. Tony Hart
  3. Peter Duncan
  4. Barnacle Bill
  5. Percy Thrower
  6. 1958 (October 1958)
  7. Richard Bacon
  8. Tracy Island
  9. Yvette Fielding (started in June 1987, 3 months before her 19th birthday)
  10. Goldie. Simon Groom.
  11. Elephant
  12. Doctor Who
  13. Get down, Shep!
  14. Diane Louise Jordan
  15. Michael Bond (author of Paddington Bear)
  16. Konnie Huq (who beats Valerie Singleton by three months)
  17. Lesley Judd
  18. Matt Baker
  19. Sticky-backed plastic
  20. Anthea Turner