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Board Game Quiz Questions I

  1. What are the long triangles on a backgammon board called?
  2. Which company owns the trademarks and products of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley?

  3. English musician Anthony Ernest Pratt was the inventor of which board game?
  4. The original version of Monopoly was based on the streets of which American city?
  5. Which cross and circle board game has been described as the 'national game of India'?
  6. What is the name of the murder victim in Cluedo? And which Leeds company first manufactured Cluedo in 1949?
  7. in which game designed in the ninties by Klaus Teuber does the game board represent an island composed of hexagonal tiles on which players build settlements, cities, and roads?
  8. What is the total number of Chance and Community Chest spaces on a Monopoly board?
  9. Which strategy board game derives its name from the Latin for 'I play'?
  10. How many dice are rolled in the dice game Yahtzee?
  11. 'Does this person wear glasses?' is a typical question in which two-player game?
  12. Which game was created by Canadians Chris Haney and Scott Abbott?
  13. The name jenga is derived from a word meaning 'build' in which language?
  14. Which game on a double-sided board, originally made in 1938 by the makers of Monopoly, is based on the events leading up to, and during, a horse race?
  15. Which modern name was given by Howard Carter to an Ancient Egyptian game of which gaming boards and pieces have be found in excavations, and a complete gaming set found in a Theban tomb?


  1. Points
  2. Hasbro

  3. Cluedo (Clue in North America)
  4. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  5. Pachisi
  6. Dr. Black (Mr. Boddy in North American versions). Waddingtons.
  7. Catan (or Settlers of Catan)
  8. Six
  9. Ludo
  10. Five
  11. Guess Who
  12. Trivial Pursuit
  13. Swahili
  14. Totopoly
  15. Hounds and Jackals

Board Game Quiz II

  1. Name the the only move in chess in which a player moves two pieces in the same move? And the player with which colour pieces always starts the game?
  2. The phrase 'back to square one' originates, or is at least influenced, by which board game?
  3. How many long triangles are there on a backgammon board? And how many counters does each player start with?
  4. Which strategy board game, invented in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, is played with playing pieces called stones?
  5. Which tile-based game combines the elements of the card games mahjong and rummy?
  6. Which 'fast talking description game' is played on a circular board with 500 cards, a spinner, and timer?
  7. In 2004, the game of Mousetrap was re-released with a completely new design with how many mousetraps?
  8. Which tabletop role-playing game, first published in 1974, was originally designed by Dave Arneso and Gary Gygax?
  9. How many blank tiles are there in Scrabble? And how many tiles in total are supplied with the game? And which two tiles are worth 8 points?
  10. Which game consists of cars with holes in the top which travel by spinning a small wheel (numbered 1 to 10) in the center of the board?
  11. Which game's board depicts a political map of the earth, featuring six continents divided into forty-two territories?
  12. How many squares run along the length of a scrabble board? How many tiles does a player start with?
  13. In the classic version of Trivial Pursuit what colour is a Science and Nature wedge? And what about History?
  14. 'A minute to learn, A lifetime to master!' is the strapline of which two player strategy game sometimes known as 'Reversi'?
  15. Most of us have seen him, but who is Edgar Mallory?


  1. Castling. White moves first.

  2. Snakes and Ladders
  3. 24 triangles. Fifteen counters.
  4. Go
  5. Rummikub
  6. Articulate
  7. Three
  8. Dungeons and Dragons
  9. Two blank tiles. 102 tiles in total. J and X. (Did you know that the original name of Scrabble was Lexico?)
  10. The Game of Life
  11. Risk
  12. 15. Seven tiles.
  13. Green. History is yellow.
  14. Othello
  15. Officer Edgar Mallory is the name of the policeman on a monopoly board (and the prisoner behind bars is Jake the Jailbird)

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