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The Boat Race Quiz I

  1. The Boat Race finishes in which suburban district of London?

  2. To the nearest mile, how long is the boat race course?
  3. In the 2012 race, why did Australian Trenton Oldfield make the headlines?
  4. What is the Cambridge reserve men's crew called?
  5. Which football stadium does the race pass?
  6. Which bridge is the starting point?
  7. Rowing for Cambridge in the 2019 boat race, who became the oldest ever competitor and oldest winner?
  8. Is the Boat Race rowed upstream or downstream?
  9. Who coxed the winning Cambridge boat in the 1950 Boat Race?
  10. Will 2029 mark the 200th, 150th, or 125th anniversary of the first ever boat race?
  11. Which famous rower won in 1990 and 1991 and was the losing President in 1993?
  12. What happened in the 1978 boat race?


  1. Mortlake
  2. 4 miles (4.2 miles)
  3. He was a protestor that swam between the boats, stopping the race for 30 minutes
  4. Goldie
  5. Craven Cottage (home to Fullham FC)
  6. Putney Bridge
  7. James Cracknell
  8. Upstream
  9. Lord Snowdon
  10. The 200th anniversary
  11. Matthew Pinsent
  12. The Cambridge boat sunk in rough waters

The Boat Race Quiz II

  1. Which university won the 2019 race?
  2. Which TV presenter rowed three times in the Boat Race, including losing the controversial 2001 Boat Race when President?
  3. What is the name of the Oxford men's reserve crew?
  4. If Surrey denotes one of the Thames' banks along the race's stretch, which historic county marks the other bank?
  5. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss rowed for Oxford in 2010; in which film were they both played by actor Armie Hammer in 2010?
  6. The race finishes just before which bridge?
  7. Which actor rowed for Cambridge in the 1980 race?
  8. The phrase 'Boat Race' has entered Cockney rhyming slang meaning what?
  9. The race first began as a challenge between two former school friends - one had a famous uncle, can you name this uncle?
  10. Which bridge do the boats go under just before the halfway point of the race?
  11. Approximately, it takes how many strokes to complete the course: (a)600, (b)1200, or (c)1800?
  12. How many people take part in the race?


  1. Cambridge

  2. Dan Snow
  3. Isis
  4. Middlesex
  5. The Social Network (they are famous for sueing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their ConnectU idea to create Facebook back in 2004)
  6. Chiswick Bridge
  7. Hugh Laurie
  8. Face
  9. William Wordsworth
  10. Hammersmith Bridge
  11. 600 strokes
  12. 18 (two crews of eight with one cox in each boat)