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Welcome to our Body Parts Quiz Questions Page

We list the special or medical name of the body part, you tell us what it is or where it is.

Body Parts

  1. Axilla
  2. Hallux
  3. Philtrum
  4. Coccyx

  5. Patella
  6. Gynecomastia
  7. Gluteal
  8. Femoral
  9. Mammary
  10. Occipital


  1. Axilla — armpit or underarm
  2. Hallux — big toe
  3. Philtrum — groove found between your nose and your top lip
  4. Coccyx — tailbone, the bone at the bottom of your spine
  5. Patella — kneecap
  6. Gynecomastia — man boobs
  7. Gluteal — buttocks
  8. Femoral — thigh or femur

  9. Mammary — breast
  10. Occipital — back of head

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