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Body Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. What part of the body is the Axilla?
  2. Which 'yellowish liquid' component of blood makes up about 55% of the body's total blood volume?
  3. Where would you find the hyoid bone?
  4. What part of the eye is the fastest healing tissue in the human body and the part of the human body that has no blood supply?
  5. What is the other name for the large intestine?
  6. Where would you find the pineal galnd?
  7. What is the name of the leaf-shaped flap in the throat that prevents food from entering the windpipe and the lungs?
  8. Where are the intercostal muscles found?
  9. Name the key structural material that makes up hair and nails?
  10. Where would you find the lacrimal glands?
  11. What is the proper name for the windpipe?
  12. What is the anatomical term for the womb?
  13. The lumbricals are muscles in which part of the body?
  14. Is the funny bone actually a bone, nerve or muscle?
  15. What is the anatomical term for the chest?
  16. What part of the body can increase to eight times its size?
  17. What name is given to the process by which new bone is produced?
  18. What's the main constituent of bone?
  19. What's the smooth elastic tissue, a rubber-like padding that covers and protects the ends of long bones at the joint?
  20. What is the hallux?


  1. Armpit
  2. Plasma (Blood plasma)
  3. Throat
  4. The cornea
  5. Colon
  6. In the brain
  7. Epiglottis
  8. Between the ribs
  9. Keratin
  10. In the eyes (they produce tears)
  11. Trachea
  12. Uterus
  13. Hands
  14. It's a nerve (the ulnar nerve)
  15. Thorax
  16. The pupil
  17. Ossification
  18. Collagen
  19. Cartilage
  20. It's the big toe