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Ten Pin Bowling Quiz

Questions About Bowling

  1. What term is used for knocking down all the pins on the first throw?
  2. What term is used for knocking down all of the standing pins with your second ball?
  3. What is three consecutive strikes within a single game called?
  4. What is the maximum score for a game of bowling?

  5. A 'perfect game' is how many strikes in a row?
  6. Regulation ten-pin bowling balls weigh no more than how many pounds?
  7. In inches, how wide is a lane?
  8. What is the term for the outer edges of a bowling lane where the ball can roll out of bounds?
  9. In feet, what's the length of regulation bowling lane from the foul line to head pin?
  10. What term refers to the arrangement of pins at the end of the lane?
  11. Which 1998 film about ten pin bowling stars Jeff Bridges as "The Dude"?
  12. What wood was the traditional material of choice for bowling pins for well over 200 year?


  1. Strike
  2. Spare
  3. Turkey
  4. 300 points
  5. 12 strikes
  6. 16 pounds
  7. 42 inches
  8. Gutter
  9. 60 feet
  10. Rack
  11. The Big Lebowski
  12. Maple