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Boxing Trivia I

  1. What was Barry McGuigan's nickname?
  2. Lennox Lewis won the WBC heavyweight title when which holder refused to fight him?

  3. Which famous heavyweight boxing champion became famous as the man striking the gong in the introduction to black and white Rank films?
  4. In 1909, which British boxing prize was introduced by Hugh Lowther?
  5. Which boxer won a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics in the featherweight division?
  6. In which country was British-Australian former heavyweight boxer Joe Bugner born?
  7. Which boxer retired after losing to Chris Eubank, Jr., at Wembley Arena in March 2016?
  8. Which boxer was the undisputed middleweight champion from 1980 to 1987?
  9. Which English boxer won in the super heavyweight division a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics and gold at the 2006 Commonwealth Games?
  10. Which boxer had the nickname 'The Brockton Blockbuster'?
  11. Who did Lennox Lewis defeat in the 1988 Olympic Heavyweight final to win gold?
  12. Which American boxer was nicknamed 'Cinderella Man'?
  13. Which British heavyweight boxer knocked out Mike Tyson in the fourth round in July 2004?
  14. Who was the heavyweight boxing champion of Uganda from 1951 to 1960?
  15. Which British boxer lost to a controversial points decision (which the crowd booed) to Joe Louis at the Yankee Stadium, New York City?


  1. The Clones Cyclone
  2. Riddick Bowe
  3. Bombardier Billy Wells
  4. Lonsdale belt (Hugh Lowther was the 5th Earl of Lonsdale)
  5. Floyd Mayweather
  6. Hungary (his full name is Jozsef Kreul Bugner)
  7. Nick Blackwell
  8. Marvin Hagler
  9. David Price
  10. Rocky Marciano
  11. Riddock Bowe
  12. James J. Braddock
  13. Danny Wilson
  14. Idi Amin
  15. Tommy Farr

Boxing Trivia II

  1. Who was welterweight champion for six years, eight months and fourteen days (the longest ever reign)?
  2. Name the only two fighters to defeat Lennox Lewis?
  3. As of 2015, four boxers have won the BBC Sports Personality of the year, can you name all four?
  4. Which boxer was nicknamed 'The Mongoose', and then 'The Old Mongoose' in the latter half of his career?
  5. In July 1986, Frank Bruno lost to which boxer in a WBA World Heavyweight Championship title fight?
  6. Who defeated Eusebio Pedroza at Loftus Road to win his world title?
  7. Who was cornerman for Sugar Ray Leonard in many of his biggest fights and for Ali in all but two of his fights?
  8. In which city in 2015 did Tyson Fury beat Wladimir Klitschko to be crowned the new world heavyweight champion?
  9. Which boxer was nicknamed 'Hands of Stone'?
  10. Whose undefeated record was ended by Marco Antonio Barrera at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on 7 April 2001?
  11. Joe Calzaghe's last fight was at Madison Square Garden in November 2008; who did he defeat?
  12. Who defeated middleweight champion Gerald McClellan in a highly anticipated fight billed as 'Sudden Impact'?
  13. Who did Muhammad Ali lose to in his last ever fight?
  14. American world heavyweight boxing champion Arnold Raymond Cream was better known by what name?
  15. 'The Celtic Warrior' is the most successful ever professional Irish boxer; who is he?


  1. Felix Trinidad
  2. Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman
  3. Henry Cooper, Barry McGuigan, Lennox Lewis, and Joe Calzaghe
  4. Archie Moore
  5. Tim Witherspoon
  6. Barry McGuigan
  7. Angelo Dundee
  8. Duesseldorf
  9. Roberto Duran
  10. Naseem Hamed (Prince Hamed)
  11. Roy Jones Jr.
  12. Nigel Benn
  13. Trevor Berbick
  14. Jersey Joe Walcott
  15. Steve Collins